Shilpa15 B Mittal commented on Sep 22, 2017

Re: Error Management in XPages

Thanks for the article.I need help to get errors displayed in same sequence as that of required fields. Now errors though displayed are not in sequence.


Robert F Harwood commented on Jan 13, 2012

Re: Error Management in XPages


Dominykas Kardokas commented on Sep 23, 2011

Re: Error Management in XPages

Great article, thanks Maire!

however looping through error ancestors using error.getCause() is far from straight forward.

I would like it to work something like this:

while(error instanceof java.lang.Throwable){

//check the exact type of error object and extract useful information

error = error.getCause();


it's not that simple though... for example caling getCause() on object produces some kind of volatile object that will crash if you try to touch it [even with error != null] fails to call getCause() altogether. A little inconsistent if you ask me, but it can still be put to good use. What I have so far is:

var errObj = requestScope.error;

var goToNext = processError(errObj);


errObj = errObj.getCause();

goToNext = processError(errObj);


function processError(e){

var getNextCause = true;


if(e instanceof{



getNextCause = false;


if(e instanceof{

getNextCause = false;


if(e instanceof{




return getNextCause;


in real life instead of the print() I am generating an email, then send it to sysadmin, while showing user general "something went wrong but we're on it" message

Ryan Buening commented on Jul 28, 2011

Re: Error Management in XPages

@Pablo - I'm trying to figure out how to do the same thing. Here is my error page so far:

I have everything I want besides where the error happened at and the page name of the error. If anyone knows how to get either of these things on a custom error page please share!

Pablo Solano commented on Jul 27, 2011

Re: Error Management in XPages

I'm following the steps to show a custom Error page but It looks like the result of requestScope.error doesn't return the same value that returns e.toString() from try, catch.

For example:


var doc:NotesDocument = database.getDocumentByUNID("none")

if (doc != null){

doc.appendItemValue("NewField", "Demo");;






In this case e.toString() returns "Exception occurred calling method NotesDatabase.getDocumentByUNID(string)"

But, if I add the value requestScope.error to the Computed Field on XPage ErrorPage.xsp

It returns " Error while executing JavaScript computed expression"

How can I show the error description and line where the error was generated?

I can't find any examples about getCause() or getError

I have tried:

var = requestScope.error;

//return myerror.getCause();

//return myerror.getMessage();

return myerror.getErrorText();

Bruce Lill commented on Aug 5, 2010

Error Management in XPages

It's due to the formating of the page:

var trace = requestScope.error.getStackTrace() ;

for( var i = 0; i < trace.length; i++){

stackTrace += trace[i] + '\n';


return stackTrace;


Neemesh Patel commented on Oct 12, 2009

Stack seems to stop at a NotesException

Thanks for the article. It seems however if it encounters a NotesException it prematurely ends the stack trace for me. Anyone experience this?

For now I'll stick with the server default as that seems to show everything :)