Maire Kehoe commented on Aug 24, 2009

Tips and Tricks for supporting Bidi in XPages

Yes, there is currently a limitation that the resource href cannot be computed,

the issue has been logged as SPR#MKEE7V8DCD.

This wiki is intended for documentation, and is not monitored for discussion,

so in future, please report issues in the Notes/Domino forum:

Paul S. Withers commented on Aug 4, 2009

Defining a resource with javascript

Can a resource's href be defined with javascript? If I try the usual method of placing #{javascript:MY_Code} within the href tag, that's precisely what appears in the source, the code, not the result. If I try to use a value tag inside href or use <resource href="#{javascript:MY_CODE}">... noting pears in the source.

Is this currently an undocumented limitation?