Eric McCormick commented on Jan 12, 2015

Re: Scoped Variable in XPages

Also of note, while the above section on sessionScope says, "The sessionScope is useful for using you want to store values for the current session only and specific to the current user," it is important to note that it is strictly speaking not unique to the user. A sessionScope'd Java bean (registered properly in faces-config.xml) will persist across user sessions, if the first user logs out and the second logs in, in the same browser. Paul Withers has also noted this behavior ( Based on the description above, I would expect that the user's bean in sessionScope would be destroyed on log out, or at least not be accessible by another user in the same browser.

Mathew Murphy commented on Jun 13, 2014

Re: Scoped Variable in XPages

requestScope does NOT persist between XPages, contrary to what is stated above.

sean cull commented on Sep 6, 2010

Scoped Variable in XPages

can you update the link under the requestScope section please, I don't think it is helpful, thanks sean

Oliver Klein Cedros commented on Oct 6, 2009

applicationScope Bug

We had a big problem here with the XPages applicationScope:

It was NOT equal (key, value) in the same application (.nsf) on different machines.

What we basically did was create some XPage with an applicationScope printout and opened it on different machines.

The outputs where different ...

After some brainstorming we found out, that the applicationScope seems to be "cached" by the name of the URL.

So basically


ist a different applicationScope from


Guys. Major flaw here! equalsignorecase is your friend.

Jo Grant commented on Mar 5, 2009

Scopes scoped to app

All the scope variables are limited to the application they are used in. I.e. if you set sessionScope in an XPage in Foo.nsf, and you look at the value in an XPage in Bar.nsf, it will not be the same.

A session is typically ended when the browser closes. So if you are browsing between applications in a single browser, when you close that browser, the session to both will end.

If, however, you are using two separate browsers, then you can expire different depending on which browser is closed.

Matt Buchanan commented on Dec 19, 2008

sessionScope availability and expiry...

A couple of stupid questions :) - is the sessionScope available over multiple applications? i.e. if you leave one nsf and access another completely separate one in the same session, will the sessionScope object follow you to the new application?

And if there is a sessionScope object per application, do the objects expire as sessions to each application expire, or do they all only expire with the user's session?