Tripp Black commented on Dec 13, 2011

Re: How does "At runtime, open selected document using" work in XPages view panels?


"How do you set what form to save". You can put computedfield bound to the Form field in tegh form or just have the form field on the back-end form computed to the form alias you wish for it to save with. I tend to do that latter since I generally have lots of computed fields I need to compute each time, and it's easier than recoding in JS since the JS version of Formula language is incomplete.

As for how to open different documents based on different forms when you need to do the equivalent of a view "form formula", I don't know. I'm still trying to figure out what works in the open selected document using using computed code.

Nicolas Kauffmann commented on Oct 21, 2009

2 separate databases; Xpage database and data database (2)

Could someone please publish a link to a possible solution? I would be lucky!

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Prapasri Y Kachornmongkolchai commented on Mar 20, 2009

2 separate databases; Xpage database and data database

What about the data and form are in the different database than Xpage database? How does it work? When save the document with submit button type, will it know what form to save, where to save. How do you set to open the document with default form from the different database.

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