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Added by IBM contributorIBM on October 17, 2013
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Access to IBM® Domino® Access Services is through standard HTTP and HTTPS methods.
Enabling Domino Data Service on a database
Each accessible database must be enabled to support the Domino Data Service.

Specifying a request URL with IBM Domino Access Services
The base URL for accessing IBM Domino Access Services is the internet address of an enabled server.

Specifying request headers
Certain requests may require headers.

Specifying a request body
For operations that transmit data to the server, such as POST, PUT and PATCH, specify a request body in JSON format.

Receiving response headers
Requests return headers as part of the response.

Receiving a response body
For a GET operation, the response body contains the requested information in the format of a JSON object or array of objects. For operations other than GET, the response body is typically irrelevant.

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