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Added by api wiki on October 10, 2013
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Gives access to all supported types of calendar events for a specific Domino calendar.

This can include the following:

  • Meeting - Meetings involve more than one party, and this is the major difference between this type of event and others that are supported. The owner of the meeting, usually the chair of the meeting, is the only person allowed to make changes to a meeting. Changes include general information updates, rescheduling, adding users, and other actions.
  • Appointment - Appointments are like meetings, except that there is no participant to send to or receive notices from. An example is a doctor appointment.
  • Reminder - A reminder is a calendar entry used as a notice to remind a user of a scheduled meeting, event, etc..
  • Anniversary - This event is designed to be used to mark an anniversary. It can be used for holidays and other anniversaries that repeat at regular intervals.
  • All Day - This event is used for events that last all day, such as a day away from work, or a seminar.
  • Event Announcement - The event announcement is similar to a broadcast meeting in earlier releases, except that it does not expand groups, so it’s now possible to send a single invitation to an extremely large number of people. It is used when the chair does not want responses, such as when a large group of people are invited to a teleconference. The event announcement workflow is the same as Meeting, with certain response options disabled.