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Gets information about the databases on a Domino® server.
Method URI Description
GET /api/data Gets information about the databases on a Domino® server.
Name Type Optional Description
boolean Yes Controls compacting of the JSON output. Compacting removes extraneous white space.
Content Type: application/json
Use the table below that represents the returned fields:
Name Type Optional Description
string No Title of the database.
string No File path of the database relative to the Domino data directory.
string No Replica ID of the database.
string No File name of the design template of the database, or an empty string if the database does not have a design template.
string No The URL of the View/folder collection resource for the database.
Code Description
OK. Indicates that the request was handled successfully.
This request gets the list of databases on the server
GET /api/data

Response returned by the server
    "@title":"Administration Requests",
    "@title":"Java AgentRunner",
    "@title":"Catalog (8)",
    "@title":"ibm's Certification Log",
    "@title":"Server Certificate Admin",
    "@title":"Domino Domain Monitor (8)",
    "@title":"DDS Test",
    "@title":"Offline Services",
    "@template":"DOLS Admin 1.0",
    "@title":"Monitoring Configuration",
    "@title":"XPages Extension Library Demo",