Community articleEnabling IBM Domino Access Services on a server
Added by IBM contributorIBM on October 17, 2013
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The server must be enabled to support specific IBM® Domino® Access Services.

The server must be enabled to support specific IBM Domino Access Services. The following example show how to enable the Data service on a server.

Note: The Core service is always enabled. Unlike the other services, the administrator does not have to intentionally enable the Core service. As long as the HTTP task is loaded, the Core service is available.

1. If internet site documents are enabled, do the following:
a. Create or edit an internet site document.
b. On the Configuration tab, under Domino Access Services, edit the Enabled services field. Type 'Data' to enable the data service. Type 'Calendar' to enable the calendar service.
c. Save the document.
2. If internet site documents are disabled, do the following:
a. Edit the server document.
b. On the Internet Protocols tab, click Domino Web Engine.
c. Under Domino Access Services, select 'Data' and 'Calendar' for Enabled Services.
d. Save the document.
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