Community articleIBM Domino Access Services User Guide and Reference sitemap
Added by IBM contributorIBM on October 9, 2013
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IBM Domino Access Services overview


Administering IBM Domino Access Services

    Enabling web browsers
    Enabling IBM Domino Access Services on a server
    Securing IBM Domino Access Services

Accessing IBM Domino Access Services

    Enabling Domino Data Service on a database
    Specifying a request URL with IBM Domino Access Services
    Receiving response headers
    Receiving a response body
    Specifying request headers
    Specifying a request body

Troubleshooting IBM Domino Access Services

    Bad Request
    Resource not found
    Could not connect
    Internal server error

Core service reference

    Domino core service overview
    Services resource
        Services GET    
    Core resources resource
       Core resources GET
    Nonce resource
        Nonce GET    
    Password statistics resource
       Password statistics GET


Domino Data Service reference

    Domino data service overview
    Programming Domino Data Service
    Sending a GET request in JavaScript
    Sending a POST request in JavaScript
    Sending requests in Java
    Displaying a GET request in a Dojo grid
    Database collection resource
        Database collection GET
    Document resource
        Document DELETE
        Document GET
        Document PATCH
        Document PUT
    Document collection resource
        Document collection GET
        Document collection POST
    View/folder collection resource
        View/folder collection GET
    View/folder design resource
        View/folder design GET
    View/folder entries resource
        View/folder entries GET
        View/folder entries POST
        View/folder entries PUT
    View/folder entries resource
        View/folder entry DELETE
        View/folder entry PUT


Domino calendar service reference

    Domino calendar service overview
    Calendars resource
        Calendars GET
    Calendar events resource
        Calendar events GET
       Calendar events POST
    Calendar event resource
        JSON representation of an event
       iCalendar representation of an event
        Calendar event GET
        Calendar event PUT
        Calendar event DELETE
    Event instances resource
        Event instances GET
    Event action resource
        Event action PUT
    Event notices resource
        Event notices GET
    New invitations resource
        New invitations GET
    Calendar notice resource
        JSON representation of a notice
       iCalendar representation of a notice
        Calendar notice GET
    Notice action resource
        Notice action PUT