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You send a request to a resource and the service responds with HTTP status code 404 (Not Found).

This can be caused by an improperly formatted URI. For example, the following two URIs are incorrect:

The first URI is wrong because the collection path element should be plural (collections). The second URI is wrong because AllContacts is not a valid UNID. Often, the data service will include additional details in the response body. For example, this response indicates the data service cannot find the specified view:



	"text":"Not Found",

	"message":"The URI must refer to an existing view."


If you have checked the URI syntax and the Domino® web engine is still returning an HTTP status code of 404, you should verify the data service plug-ins are active in the OSGI runtime of the Domino server. From the Domino server console, type the following command:

> tell http osgi ss

To limit the scope of the response, use the following commands:

> tell http osgi ss

	> tell http osgi ss

The response will be a list of OSGI plug-ins and their status. Verify that the following plug-ins are included:

If these plug-ins are not included, the data service was not installed correctly on the Domino server.

If your install has multiple versions of theses plug-ins, delete the old ones.

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