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Added by IBM contributorIBM on October 2, 2013
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The server and databases being accessed for IBM® Domino® Access Services are secured through standard Domino security. Depending on the level of security, users present or do not present authorization credentials.
  1. Secure the server to the desired level. See the Security section of Lotus Domino Administrator Help.
  2. You can choose the type of authentication used by the Domino web server. By default, the web engine uses Basic authentication, but you can enable Session authentication.
  3. Secure databases to the desired level. See Security in an application under the Application Management section of the Lotus Domino Designer Basic User Guide and Reference.
  4. You can choose to leave the database unsecured at various levels by giving access to the user named Anonymous. You can give different levels of access to different users. Where you secure the database, the user credentials determine the level of access.
Every user request must include whatever credentials are necessary for the desired level of access. Typically the user authenticates with the server and applications are constrained by the access level of the authenticated user.

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