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You send a request to a resource and the service responds with HTTP status code 401 (Unauthorized).

This usually occurs for one of two reasons:

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	<h1>Error 401</h1>You are not authorized to perform this operation</body>

  • You are sending an anonymous request (no user credentials) to a protected resource. In this case, you can correct the problem by supplying the appropriate user credentials with each request. The Domino® server supports both basic authentication (HTTP Authorization header) and session authentication. See the appropriate.Domino web server documentation for more about these authentication schemes.
  • The authenticated user has insufficient access to the resource. In this case, you can correct the problem by changing the access control list (ACL) for the database. A response body in HTML format usually accompanies an HTTP status code of 401. The response body may help you troubleshoot the error. For example:

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