John E Parker commented on Oct 4, 2012

Re: Installing and administering the XPages Extension Library

I have the same issue as Guy. We jumped from 8.5.2 straight to 8.5.3 FP2. The extension library does not seem to exist on the server. I had setup the OpenNTF version on my workstation, and tried setting up a Doc Library from the template StdXLWebXDocLib. The error message on accessing it in the browser is "Cannot find the library, required by the application /Test/DocumentX.nsf."

Should I install the Extension Library from OpenNTF? I am reluctant to do so as it clearly states here that is not supported. Maybe this information is out of date?

Michael Zischeck commented on Sep 4, 2012

failed to install...

I tried about 5 times to get it installed.. nope.. I gave up and made a clean 8.5.3 install

Guy Gowen commented on Aug 16, 2012

Re: Installing and administering the XPages Extension Library

it is now 8/16/2012, and FP2 is out! What is going on here? I upgraded to UP1 when it was released, only to undo several things before subsequently installing FP1. One of those things was the Eclipse Update Site database containing the OSGI plugins. So now we have FP2, yet *the instructions here refer to the UP1 release only*. Does anyone know what version we should all be using, and what is the best way of answering the title of this article, "Installing and administering the XPages Extension Library"!!?? Because it is NOT answered here. Thanks for anything at all, anything! Give me a clue here... THANKS!!