Dwain A Wuerfel commented on Jun 11, 2012

Re: Installing the upgrade pack on Domino Designer and Notes

Even after finding what I thought was everything from step 2e and restarting I closed the client/designer and did a search for these values: domino.das, domino.services, wink, extlib and deleted them. This site lists the controls that you should have after a successful upgrade: www-10.lotus.com/ldd/ddwiki.nsf/dx/Whats_new_in_Domino_Designer_8.5.3_Upgrade_Pack_1_dd8531. If you count the controls in each category you should have the exact count I show below if upgrade was successful.

Data Access - 2

Dojo Form - 23

Dojo Layout - 12

Extension Library - 39 (site shows 40, but Dump Object didn't show for me)

iNotes - 7

Mobile - 8