paras kumar commented on Oct 7, 2015

Re: djDateTextBox - Dojo Date Text Box

This does not work on any mobile single page app form. Is anyone has the idea ????

Geoff Sims commented on Mar 22, 2013

Re: djDateTextBox - Dojo Date Text Box


This control is rendered correctly unless mobile controls configuration is active on the page ("m_..). adding tundra.css doesn't seem to correct the issue and the CSS of the dojo control isn't allowing the control to be used (also happens with djradiobutton). Is there a way to circumvent this where the picker can be used within a singlePageApp? this happens on all browsers and mobile app builds (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.).

Thanks in advance!

Steve Cochrane commented on Sep 20, 2012

Re: djDateTextBox - Dojo Date Text Box format


With a regular core control Date Time Picker field, you can set the format to "Custom" and a pattern of "dd/MM/yyyy" to ensure that it is in international format. With the ExtLib dojo date text box, you can set the format the same way as a core control, however, the format of the date is not corrected.

Shouldn't the ExtLib dojo Date Text Box "Data" properties work the same as the Data properties for the Date Time Picker?


Steve in NYC