Chris Toohey commented on Aug 19, 2008

1.0 Primer


Well, I wouldn't go all rouge-delete-crazy and start whacking things that you didn't think were "Best Practices". I'm all for adding and not subtracking personally.

As for a discussion/collaborative effort - we could use the News/blog feature in this wiki, or look to something else (I think there's a polling feature within this wiki).

As for the linking to the external resources and including a more total scope of such technologies, we were VERY limited to what we could include in the initial publication both due to the length of time (deliverable date was set before the final scope was established) and copyright/etc. for certain things. Now that it's open to the public for updates however, anything goes!

I would however suggest this: those sections in the Primer act to give the developer a taste of the given technology, both a simplistic overview of what it is, as well as a telegraph to what they'll need to know when it comes time to their Domino implementation. For example, when I refer to a form element's processing agent, a Domino Web Developer who has read the HTML Primer will understand what we're referring to instead of confusing this with an Agent Design Element.

Pruning those sections of what you consider the "too general" content could greatly impact the theoretical extension of the Domino Web Development platform. Something to consider at the very least...

r39525 commented on Aug 19, 2008

1.0 Primer

This is my first comment here so I'm trying to get my bearings. All of these topics not directly related to Domino are covered better and in more detail than we can ever hope to reproduce here. It seems like we should perhaps provide links to the best Internet resources for these general topics and then focus on how to best use them in Domino.

So this is only one opnion. Are these comments the only venue for discussing this? Wikipidea provides a place for discussion out of sight of the causal user. Do you recomend that I just delete the things I think are too general for this site and add the links I think should be here? I'm just not confident enough in my opnion to do that.