Peter Meijdam commented on Feb 12, 2010

The IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Out of Office service: Best practices

If I wanna print preview this article in firefox, not all content is displayed. In IE it's oke, but I prefer to use Firefox (v3.6). Can this be solved ?

Dennis J Frank commented on Aug 13, 2009

OOO message per email rather than per sender?

Is is possible to configure the OOS so that it responds to each email rather than once per sender? If so, would it be configured on a server level or on a user level?

Torsten Link commented on Apr 24, 2009

How about customizing the OOS

Some of our customers have customized their OOA (e.g. it only responds to "known" internet- addresses).

Is there any way to customize the service as well, or is all the code hardcoded in the router ?

Does anyone know that?


Rob Stitt commented on Mar 19, 2009

OOO Service in a Mixed Environment

One of the responses in the Q&A in this article implies it is perfectly safe to enable and run the OOO service in an environment with all r8 servers, but a mixture of r8 and earlier clients/templates. With the known fact that users with r8 clients and/or r8 templates will simply run the OOO agent instead.

I'd like to see the Q&A on this clarified to state that it is, indeed, SAFE to operate in this configuration with no adverse side effects.

My concern is that statements like "All elements...must be 8.x, no exceptions" indicate that this is a bad/unsafe/etc. thing to do--while the implication later on is that there really is no problem, aside from those users not getting the OOO service until they upgrade. Thus, there is confusion on when this can be implemented in a migration to r8.


Julie H Brown commented on Mar 2, 2009



Peter Zanias commented on Feb 27, 2009

Images in this wiki article

Isn't it possible for this wiki to have the images embedded in the article and not as attachments? I am using IE 6.o