Pam Gilday commented on Feb 19, 2009


Sounds like the original solution did not deliver -- I've revised this post to simply share the links to source info you would use if you wanted to create a CSS style plug-in for Notes.

David Leedy commented on Feb 12, 2009

Low Level Display for Dummies Version available?

I'm not sure I understand what the article is saying. I was the original poster of the graphic being discussed.

In a 256 color Citrix environment the graphic represents the standard version of Notes. Notes Basic looks just fine.

We attempted to play with a widget that controls themes with no success. It appeared that if it HAD worked we would need to have each user account install it manually. Not a great option on Citrix.

On seeing this wiki article we took a look at the "High Contrast" setting, and that caused additional issues.

We're Notes/Domino people, so we don't know much about Expeditor/Eclipse. As it stands now, we're going to have to deploy the Basic Version on Citrix just because of this graphic problem.

Any further details or guidance would be apprceciated.