Jim commented on Mar 3, 2008

Creating a live text Widget

Yup - that works, followed along just fine. That's IBM APAR's - how about an example for flight numbers? Here's some Southwest flight's - how do you go about recognizing these flight numbers when they vary in length and may contain a slash (/)


Number Scheduled

Departure Scheduled

Arrival Stops

1453 7:25am 10:30am 1

1419/2889 9:05am 12:50pm PHL/1

3398/40 10:05am 1:00pm BWI/1

994/2210 11:20am 3:30pm BWI/1

1375/3919 12:30pm 5:20pm PHL/2

2817 3:05pm 6:10pm 1

3685/1107 4:45pm 8:40pm BWI/1

3413/3339 6:10pm 9:55pm MDW/1

1137/3152 6:15pm 10:20pm BWI/1