Ake x Johansson commented on Feb 4, 2009

Setting default (=2) in Domino 8.0.2 FixPack 1

This is from the "Notes/Domino 8.0.2 FP1 Release Notice":

SPR# NRBY7EDMBG - Changed the router so that by default, messages larger than 2MB are only delivered to 1 local delivery recipient at a time. Prior to this change, the Notes.ini RouterMaxConcurrentDeliverySize needed to be defined to limit concurrent delivery of large messages, but with this fix a default of 2MB is used. The Notes.ini setting can still be used to change the size at which concurrent delivery to multiple recipients is limited.

Jeff Nielson commented on Aug 20, 2008

re: Recommendations

the recommendation is for 1000000 which is only 1MB (given that it's in bytes), I would argue that is rather small and using that setting could severely constrict your mail delivery, adding another 0 to it to make it 10MB would seem more appropriate