Mats Bokelund commented on Mar 25, 2015

Re: Syncronization IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 and Blackberry Desktop Software

Hi Martin, thanks for this interesting write-up. I would be very curious to know what app can be used on a BB10 device to edit a Lotus Notes Journal? (aka Notebook in Notes >=8.5 or so) I have seen the Deja Memo, which seems to be able to do this but I know of no native BB app that can do this. Btw, I am in a situation where I have no access to an Enterprise server, I'd love to be able to just shuffle the files around "locally" and at the same time be able to view/edit my Notebook .nsf files on the BB Classic. I realize that this post has been around for a while but maybe I am lucky and you see it;-) thx again + best regards / Mats

Hedi Regaya commented on Nov 15, 2010

Syncronization Lotus Notes and Blackberry Desktop Software


Martin A Iturbide commented on May 17, 2010

Syncronization Lotus Notes and Blackberry Desktop Software

It is good to know this worked for you Kathleen.

Kathleen Henault commented on Apr 18, 2010

Syncronization Lotus Notes and Blackberry Desktop Software

Thank you, Thank you! Desktop Manager couldn't find the ini so I followed your suggestion and worked like you magic! I'm back in business!

Steve Bisel commented on Nov 3, 2009

Synchonizing Lotus Notes with BlackBerry

I have found a repeatable method to successfully sync Lotus Notes (V8) with BlackBerry (Desktop v5). It seems that one must correctly identify the location of the notes.ini file and that in Lotus Notes location document you correctly identify the location of the mail file.

1. Notes.ini is generally c:\notes\notes.ini

2. Edit the location document to identify the correct location of the mail file. I sync to the local copy so I edit the Island (disconnected) location. In Preference, select the Mail tab and put in the fully qualified path name for the mail file. The default is that the mail file is identified in the location document using only the file name.

3. If you are synchronizing with the local copy of Notes, then you must switch to the Island (Disconnected) mode. This then writes the location of the local file to the notes.ini file. If you are in any other mode (e.g., when you end notes), the notes.ini file does not reflect the local mail file location and your sync will fail.

4. You can fool all of this by copying the notes.ini file (when you are in island mode) to a location the Notes will not modify. Then specify that location in BlackBerry desktop software. As a static file then, your synchronization with calendar entries should be fine. Haven't tried this yet, but should work.