Ayubkhan Pathan commented on Nov 10, 2014

Re: AccessAllProtected Crashes Involving Shared Memory

Hi team,

We are facing this error with : PANIC: AccessAllProtected() error (107 or 1B1 or 1F5) from MapSharedRegion on pool # of # pools on our domino server 32 bit environment.

Server runs on WIndows server 2008 64 bit and virtual memory space set to 4 GB.

It seems domino fails with the above error while mapping the memory into virtual address space due to unavailabiity of room in virtual memory, so would it be of any help to increase the virtual memory size to higher value of more than 8GB?

Please can you advise.


Jody Colman commented on Jan 22, 2013

Re: AccessAllProtected Crashes Involving Shared Memory

The "Maximum number of memory segments that Notes can support has been exceeded" error is commonly seen during an issue with private memory, thus should not seen with an AccessAllProtected crash.