matinciel ma arkiror commented on Apr 25, 2012

Re: Changing where you save sent mail


Is there a way to get a "close" folder tree when using send and file.

I mean in the windows that opens after clicking the send and file button, I would like to get all folders close (I mean won't see sub-folder).


Jeffrey Bodycomb commented on Jan 14, 2011

Re: Changing where you save sent mail

Thanks for the description. But, I am puzzled how to reproduce the workflow of most other e-mail applications. How does one identify e-mails that were sent, but were not filed?

This can happen, for example when a number of e-mails are composed and written and filing is handled later due to the press of time. Often, users do not know in advance if the first e-mail is worthy of a new folder. So, they leave it in the sent mailbox and decide based on later events.

If an e-mail is moved to a folder, one can't tell if the move was successful; there is no feedback. That means removing the message from the sent folder is an exercise of faith.

Thanks for your help.