Nephrops Norvegicus commented on May 17, 2012

Instructions for SPN config on Windows Domino

- This link is an essential inclusion for anyone setting up SPNEGO on Domino.

Nephrops Norvegicus commented on May 17, 2012

Re: Configuring Microsoft Windows single sign-on on IBM WebSphere and Domino platforms

- For people configuring on Domino, there is a lot of superfluous (thus confusing) information in here for Websphere. And the converse is true for Websphere users. I would suggest splitting this into 2 seperate wiki articles.

- Also, the section on registering an SPN is incomplete. why is there no mention of the setspn command line that is required?

- It's not clear in this article whether the ktpass command is required for both types of setup or just for WebSphere. If it is just for Websphere then it;s confusing to mention it in the general section at the top.