Harvey Pope commented on Jan 14, 2013

Re: Page 3: Deploying Notes 8.5.x clients

A very good structured and well written document!

Gregory Francis commented on Mar 24, 2010

Page 3: Deploying Notes 8.5.1 clients

Where is the document? I see nothing but a title, abstract and article information sections.

Barry Shapiro commented on Nov 23, 2009

Page 3: Deploying Notes 8.5.1 clients

Great document. The 2 links that show how to add the new Dictionaries don't work. I am looking to package some of the new dictionaries in our 851 install package. Platform is windows multiuser. Any ideas?

wiki : Spelling Language Dictionaries in Lotus Notes 8.5.1

wiki Making various language spell check dictionaries available to Notes 8.5.1 users