Graham Hannington commented on Jun 11, 2013

Re: Paste something in a different format in Notes

Could you please point me to detailed documentation about the HTML and CSS that Notes 9 supports when pasting HTML into a Notes email message?

For example, which CSS properties does IBM Notes 9 support when pasting HTML into a Notes email message? Must (as appears to be the case) supported CSS properties be explicitly specified in the style attributes of HTML elements? (This would be bad news: it would mean that I would have to generate "ugly"/non-best-practice HTML simply to ensure fidelity when pasting into Notes.) Or does Notes honor class attributes (or CSS rules that target elements without class attributes) under some circumstances?

I am copying content from a web page (that I have created; so, I have complete control over the HTML and CSS) into a Notes email message.

I am frustrated by the lack of "fidelity" of the appearance of the pasted content (in my IBM Notes 9 email message) compared to the appearance of the original page in the web browser (I am using Firefox 21.0 on Windows 7).

My current CSS specifies rules for elements without styles (that is, the HTML elements do not have class attributes). For example:



font-family: sans-serif;

line-height: 1.3em;




margin-top: 0em;

margin-bottom: 1em;

border-collapse: collapse;




vertical-align: bottom;

text-align: left;


td, th


border: 1px solid black;

padding: 0.5em;


These rules work in the web browser, but are not honored when I copy'n'paste from the web browser into a Notes email message. For example, the text appears in a serif font; the table and cells have no borders; and the alignment and padding properties are not honored.

It appears I can force Notes to honor at least some of these properties, but, in many cases - for example, the font-family property - only if I explicitly specify the properties in a style attribute on every instance of the HTML elements. Not ideal!