Claus Hilgefort commented on Jul 9, 2008

backing up the widgets

When deleting the directory notes\data\workspace all My widgets are lost and some other preferences are default again.

I think, this directory could include the widgets and related settings.

Jamie Jenkins commented on Mar 7, 2008

Backing up your widgets

Our end-user systems have disaster recovery software, which will automatically backup the data on their laptops. We also use this for Lotus Notes preference files like the bookmark.nsf, the notes.ini, etc We cannot rely on our end users (nor burden them with this task either) to make their own backups of the widgets. We also wouldn't expect them to have to reload them all individually on a replacement system either.

That said, which file(s) or file path(s) do we need to begin monitoring with our recovery software to ensure that the widgets are backed up?