ROE ROE commented on Apr 12, 2016

Re: Cluster_admin_on

In addition to the COPY command, there is also a DELETE command:

CL DELETE path\file.nsf

At least for R9, don't know if this works in previous versions.

Anyone know of a complete list of available CL commands?

Shillem Volpato commented on Nov 25, 2015

Re: Cluster_admin_on

Can I queue up multiple copies with this command o I have to wait that one finishes before proceeding with the next?

Guillaume Delpierre commented on Feb 22, 2011

Folder Link

With Domino administrator , you can create a Folder Link that can be used by CL copy command to copy database out of the domino data directory (pretty useful for backup)

Guillaume Delpierre commented on Feb 22, 2011

Program document

You can use program document to execute that command, automating execution to copy database to same or another server

example of program document : (replace db1 and db2 by db name and set server name)

Program name: nserver

Command line: -c "CL copy db1.nsf db2.nsf"

Server to run on: YourServer/TEST

Enabled/disabled: Enabled

Run at times: 05:00 each day

Repeat interval:

Days of Week: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Comments: Copy database with different replicaID

Steven Robert commented on Nov 16, 2010


I am getting "You are not authorized to perform that operation" message. Where do I have to give myself the required access?