Sjaak Ursinus commented on Aug 2, 2012

Re: Create_R85_Log

I don't agree. You can't blame hardware failures on software documentation ! I agree that you only must do this in a 100% performing hardware machine. if not 100% then don't this !

Vladimir Tankhimovich commented on Nov 12, 2011

Re: Create_R85_Log

I agree with Duco. I followed the instructions last night, and now, after 16 hours, my server is still recovering, running consistency checks on mail files. Most major tasks are affected.

Duco Bergsma commented on Jun 1, 2010


The procedure to "Bring down the server. Back up existing transaction logs, then delete them. Set Create_R85_Log=1 in the server NOTES.INI and restart the Domino server to have new logs created using the updated format." is incomplete and even dangerous. I performed this on a bad preforming as/400 that had a need for disk cache battery replacement. This might have caused delayed write operations pending in the Translogs when Domino was shut down. Removing the TXN files and starting Domino caused may database corruption beyond repair (restore needed from back-up).

In my opinion, it would be a better procedure to disable Transactional logging (notice a small shutdown delay) and removing the TXN files and enabling Transactional logging.

I don't know yet if this has issues for servers running DAOS.

TG Sullivan commented on Sep 20, 2009

Please elaborate on the value of the option and issues

Does "updated" mean that 8.5 will auto-adjust to a block size detected somehow? Why is a block size different than 512 be better? Should this process take additional time or number of reboots? How does SAN usage for the TranLogs impact this? Does this change the base format in way that would impact backup solutions like Symantec BackupExec or TSM?

Thomas T. Hampel commented on Sep 5, 2009


The document should also describe any possible concerns, (if any) e.g. for backup software

Daniel Silva commented on Apr 7, 2009

I/O block alignment

Can you elaborate on the advantage that properly aligned I/O blocks have over the previous format?