Nicolas Melay commented on Mar 26, 2012

Re: Defragment file system

Domino has a poor disk space allocation strategy, which largely explains the problem.

Linux might be better than Windows at dealing with it, but not by a wide margin.

Increasing the minimum block allocation size from 64KB (currently) to a more realistic 4MB would make NSF file fragmentation a non-issue. Any IBM developper listening?

John M Taylor commented on Dec 28, 2010

Re: Defragment file system

The IBM i (i5/OS or OS/400) operating system does not need to be defragmented. It manages its own data.

Marky Goldstein commented on Aug 25, 2009

VMWare & Linux

We run Domino on Linux inside a VMWare Server that runs on top of Linux. The system is doing well, but I still wonder if we have to defragment in such a scenario.

It seems disk defragment is more of a Windows problem.

Nathan G Hambridge commented on Aug 18, 2008


AS400 for the WIN - (SLIC)

 commented on Apr 2, 2008

Defragment file system

Well, I guess Windows has more trouble with Disk Defragmentation than Linux or Mac OS X..