Mark Skurla commented on Dec 2, 2013

Re: Domino Policies - How To Apply feature explained

@Rob, only to new users. Internally, the code says, "have I set this value before via policy". So once that has been recorded for values X & Y for a given user any changes to the policy will have no effect except for new users.

Rob Kirkland commented on Sep 4, 2012

Re: Domino Policies - Question about "Set initial value"

Something is not clear to me. I have two settings, X and Y:

Setting X=A, HTA=Set initial value.

Setting Y=B, HTA=Set initial value.

User1 has both values initially applied.

User1 later changes both settings to X=C and Y=D.

Admin later changes the policy, setting Y=E. Leaves HTA=Set initial value.

I get that setting X won't change for User1, because X's HTA is set to "Set initial value".

But what about setting Y? Will User1 have setting Y changed to E? HTA of "Set initial value" suggests not. But the value of setting Y has been affirmatively changed in the policy. Does it apply to all users (including those for whom a value of Y was previously applied) or only to new users?