Sammy Muthui commented on Apr 23, 2009


I changed the settings in the notes.ini file in the path below client 8.0.1.

C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\framework\shared\eclipse\plugins\\themes


Gunnar Schwede commented on Apr 1, 2009


Despite following the instruction above (I even used the provided jar file) this is not working for me.

I have the 'full' install (8.5), including Administrator and Designer.. Wondering if there is a difference between it and the single client.


Vincent V PERRIN commented on Jan 15, 2009


Vincent V PERRIN commented on Jan 15, 2009

No for the moment

I'll try to post one, soon.

Pierre Passin commented on Jan 8, 2009

JAR for 8.5 ?

Is there a jar already built for 8.5. Those jar packages are so unfriendly.

j vk commented on Dec 2, 2008


Above Technote 1273378 and procedure didn't work for me on LN 8.0.2.

The reason was that under


there were _two_ files, one named as

and second names as:

My guess is that LN was always using the second one so when I've deleted it, I got what I want.

Short instructions what I did:

1. close LN

2. download corrected file ( from the technote above or make your own.

3. delete the C:\notes\workspace\.config\org.eclipse.update\platform.xml file

4. replace the C:\notes\framework\shared\eclipse\plugins\ file with the corrected one

5. delete the C:\notes\framework\shared\eclipse\plugins\ file if there is one.

Regards, janez