Pam Gilday commented on Oct 15, 2009

broken links removed

Those two "Lotus Education on Demand: " Tech Notes were archived and are no longer available, hence the broken links. We've removed references to those two items.

Peter Mullarky commented on Oct 12, 2009

this link also?

Lotus Education On Demand: Using NSLookup to Troubleshoot DNS and SMTP Mail Issues

Peter Mullarky commented on Oct 12, 2009

Can somone fix this link?

Lotus Education On Demand: Using Telnet to Troubleshoot SMTP Mail issues

Pam Gilday commented on Aug 12, 2009

have submitted feedback to the TN from which these links were obtained

The links in the original tech note document from which the URLs were obtained are also bad ({ Link } ) -- I've entered feedback to the tech note rearding the 2 bad links.

Jose Zaldivar commented on Jul 19, 2009

The links for SMPT Mail Issues and Telnet are dead

Please correct the links for troubleshooting.