Akira Sudoh commented on Feb 4, 2010

Manipulating data in iNotes Lite forms

Thank you for reporting, Harris. Given the timestamp of Forms85.nsf, it appears that 8.5.1 release is in use. With 8.5.1 release, how to get Custom_MailRetention subform loaded is slightly different. I've added how to do that in 8.5.1 in this article.

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- Akira

Harris Huckabee commented on Feb 3, 2010

Manipulating data in iNotes Lite forms

One thing I ran into when putting the subform references into the 25-Sept-2009 Forms85 forms, was that I couldn't get the subforms to come up unless I specified "AllowPreset ="yes"... .

sean cull commented on Aug 27, 2009

re question 1

Akira, I can see now that the functionality in 1) is included so ignore that ! The example to download would be great. Sean

sean cull commented on Aug 27, 2009

two questions


1) the example from the pre notes 8.5 article shows a drop down for the approver name on the modal form. This is the functionality that I am interested in. It is not in this example - was there a specific techncial reason or difficulty why it was not included ?

2) the previous example also provides a download of the example files - could we have the example for this one posted here ( or via email in the short term )

Thanks again, Sean

{ Link }

sean cull commented on Aug 21, 2009

Great - I had no idea we could customise iNotes

Great - I had no idea we could customise iNotes

got me thinking now !

Harris Huckabee commented on May 18, 2009

great article...

Akira, great article. I have been developing in iNotes since R5. I haven't yet done R85, and your article helps a lot to understand what is going on behind the scenes. The performance enhancements for Lite mode are getting better and better, but they cause rebaselines of existing code. Your article helps me make sense of the newest environment. Where can I see more?