Hermann Weiss commented on Jun 27, 2014

Notes URL with ?OpenDocumentByKey does work when using view UID

Its right that OpenDocumentByKey does not work when specifing the view name, but I found that it works greatly when using the view UID like here (also the DB is specified by its UID)


My Client Version: Release 8.5.3FP2 SHF151

Abhay Shirke commented on Nov 7, 2012

Re: Notes URLs

Passing parameters through Notes URL don't work in Notes client. Is there any way by which we can pass values in Notes client?

Trent Slabaugh commented on Apr 12, 2012

Re: Notes URLs

I'm trying to send a command to the RSS Feed Widget to subscribe to a RSS via a URL.

I've tried several combinations of the command but can't figure out how to write the code to launch the Widget from an http command. Any ideas?

Normunds Kalnberzins commented on Dec 2, 2011

This information does not seem to be accurate

1) it is not possible to run agents using OpenAgent comment

2) url parameters cannot be retrieved on Notes side {?Command¶ms=values }; so kind of no point including them, right?

3) OpenDocumentByKey also does not seem to work

Johannes Madsen commented on Oct 24, 2009


You have not described the most interesting part of the extended Notes url: ¶ms=values. Can this be specified with e.g. OpenAgent, OpenForm or OpenDocument?

John Dalsgaard commented on Oct 22, 2009

Cannot get opendocumentbykey to work :-(

Very interesting development of the notes url.

However, I just tried to use the opendocumentbykey url action - and it just didn't work. It returns a "The document specified by the link cannot be located within the linked-to database". I try to launch the url from the Windows "Run..." dialogue box.

The url has this pattern: Notes://srv01/names.nsf/PeopleByPhone/12345678?opendocumentbykey

Have I overlooked something?


PS. Is there a way to get the notes url that some element was called with (through LotusScript)? I would like to take Duffbert's solution a step further by e.g. providing data for some of the fields etc. etc. See the nice solution: { Link }

Christopher Walley commented on Mar 12, 2009

Accuracy of server functionality

I have just tried this with a specified server and a stacked replica. If you have server1 on top of server2 and specify server2 in the URL, the database on server1 will be opened. This is contrary to the statement above which says that it will try the specified server first. Cheers.