Peter Meijdam commented on May 8, 2009

Command line


msiexec /i "Lotus Notes 8.0.2.msi" SETMULTIUSER=1 /qb"

worked for us installing the 8.0.2 client

Mark Dowling commented on May 7, 2009

MU command line

need to add a space between =1 and /qb - i.e.

setup /v"SETMULTIUSER=1 /qb"

Pam Gilday commented on Jul 2, 2008

Whoops -- the CORRECT MU command line parameter!

Spoke too soon -- use this command line instead:

setup /v"SETMULTIUSER=1/qb"

As te developer says > Problems may be encountered when attempting to run msiexec directly, bypassing the setup.exe program.

Pam Gilday commented on Jun 23, 2008

new silent multi-user command line parameter for 802 beta and 85 beta +

Prior to Notes 8.0.2 a transform was required for silently installing or upgrading a multi-user Notes install on Windows. A new command line option has been added in the 8.0.2 and 8.5 betas to remove that requirement.

To perform a Notes silent multi-user install or upgrade on Windows, use the "SETMULTIUSER=1" command line statement. An example is shown below:

msiexec /i "Lotus Notes 8.0.2.msi" SETMULTIUSER=1 /qb"

Devang Khatri commented on Apr 3, 2008

Performing a Notes multi-user silent install

The method shown above doesnt work unless you also add a new line in the property field in installshield


Also the response transform method listed by IBM give varied results on differnet machine. So it might work sometime and it might not.