Bastian Wieczorek commented on Nov 20, 2009



Disable the updating of full-text indexes on a server if you do not have any full-text indexed databases on your server (and do not intend to have any). The NOTES.INI variable Update_No_Fulltext can be used to disable all full-text index updating on the server. You might want to use this variable to disable the updating of full-text indexes if, for example, you do not want users to create full-text indexes on their mail files on a mail server in order to save disk space on that server and to save the Indexer task the time and resources of updating these full-text indexes. This is a very good setting for mail and replication hub servers, which in most circumstances do not have any user connections.

The full-text index variable is:

Update_No_Fulltext = [0 or 1]

Setting this value to 0 causes full-text indexes to be updated each time the Update task (a server command task) is executed, and setting the value to 1 disables all full-text indexing.


Redbook:Domino Tuning Parameters in notes.ini