Cintya Miramis commented on Jul 12, 2014

Re: Wiki Help - Hi, My name is Cintya Rumah Dijual

Excellent article! And that is coming from somebody who is not only a seasoned Wikipedia editor with thousands of edits, but somebody who also has their own Wikipedia article (for reasons totally unrelated to anything internet related). I've been on both sides, being the person who has deleted at least a hundred vanity attempts of ordinary people trying to get themselves their own article, and also knowing what it takes to keep my own article online. (Hint: it generally involves me NOT getting involved.)

The important thing is that they are properly cited (which doesn't have to include an online link to the article) and that the citation actually supports the fact that you are somehow noteworthy. Quality, not quantity.

A huge point that a wiki editor sometime missed is that you should never, EVER, create an article for yourself. Bias or unbias, there are written rules about that. Don't ever do it. Technically if you have your own article, you're not supposed to edit that yourself either, although you've got a lot more leeway once the article is already established. As for me, I did not create my own article, somebody else did, but when there was a bunch of misinformation in the article (plus the fact that I could provide citation links to help) I still wanted to edit it. Didn't matter - you just don't edit your own article, ever. What I did is first I had to declare (somewhere, it's been a few years) who I was and that I was an active Wikipedia editor that was also the subject of an article. After that, I simply went to the Help section where I could request help from other, independent, totally unbias editors. I explained my situation and the changes that I suggested and since it was all cited and verifiable, another editor agreed and made most of the changes for me. Broke no rules.


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