Kerry V. White commented on Mar 8, 2012

Re: How do I create and manage calendar entries on an Android device?: LNT8521

I have tried everything to delete Calendar and To Do Categories. I have deleted all things that have to do with these categories yet they still show up in the list to select when creating a new entry.

I have went to Preferences > Calendar & To Do > Display > Entries and deleted everything there.

I have deleted ALL of my To Do entries and ALL of my calendar entries ... yet when I go to create a new calendar meeting, and select Category, I have "Holiday, Vacation, Projects, Clients, Phone Calls, Travel, Admin, Training, Vacation / Holiday, Personal" in the list to select.

Please, I only want 4 things there so I don't have to scroll looking for what I want to select each time. How, do I delete them?