Resources for administrators

Find all of the important resources for administrators for the Notes and Domino family of products, including product documentation, hardware and software requirements, developerWorks articles, Redbooks and Redpieces, demonstrations, marketing material, and much more.

Resource pages are updated as new information is published to help you find the latest information - regardless of where the information is published.

Q: Where do application developers go for resources?

A: The Resources for developers page on the Lotus Notes and Domino Application Development Wiki is the place to go to find these.

Q: Where do business user go for resources?

A: The Media Gallery is designed specifically for business users. It includes demonstrations, videos, tutorials, and much more to help business users get the most out of Lotus Notes, iNotes, and Notes Traveler.

Product Administrator resources Notes and Domino 8.x Notes Traveler 8.x Lotus iNotes 8.x Alloy by IBM and SAP 1.x

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