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Direct Transfer - Map the same SQL field to two different fields in Notes
Usha A Dewasthali 06/11/2015 11:27 AM
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We have a direct transfer job to do an INSERT of records from a SQL view (source) to a Notes Database (target). It is pretty straightforward job but I have a field in SQL (IVC_date)that needs to go to two fields on the Notes form. One of the notes fields is called (INVOICE_DATE and INSTALL_DATE) The field mapping will only allow for one to one field mapping so I chose to map it to INVOICE_DATE.

I tried to take care of this by adding to Enforce Form design on the Notes connection document. In INSTALL_DATE EDITABLE field on the Notes form, I added a default value of INVOICE_DATE, but this did not work. The INSTALL_DATE is blank on the records inserted from the Direct Transfer job. I don't want to make this a computed field because we may need to change it later..

I also tried to update the existing Data Transformation - Formula to Execute Prior to Insert, but that did not work and the INstall_Date was not populated.

Can anyone offer suggestions for the best way to handle this scenario? Thanks!

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