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IBM Notes®/Domino® 10.0.1 Fix Pack 1 Release Notice
March 30, 2019

IBM Notes/Domino 10.0.1 Fix Pack 1 (FP1) is now released and is recommended to all customers. If you are running 10.0.1, apply this Fix Pack on top.

10.0.1 Fix Pack 1 is a collection of low-risk, high-impact fixes to help customers safely avoid known issues. IBM strongly recommends that customers running Notes/Domino 10.0.1 apply this Fix Pack since it addresses a small percentage of defects that impact the broadest set of customers. Fix Packs are released periodically between releases to provide a greater level of stability for customer environments. Fix Packs go through a test cycle to find and fix regressions and interoperability issues prior to release. Fix Packs are always cumulative and contain all fixes from previous ones. Fix Packs are language independent and may be applied on any language version of Notes/Domino 10.0.1x.

For information on IBM Notes/Domino 10.0 (released October 10, 2018) and 10.0.1 (released December 18, 2018) please see the 10.0 / 10.0.1 Release Notice.

Important Change for Fix Packs and Hotfixes

Beginning with Notes/Domino 10.0.1, HCL & IBM will ship frequent “Fix Packs” (FP) to improve the overall quality of releases deployed by customers.  These Fix Packs will be provided for all platforms for all future release streams (e.g. 10.0.1, 11.0, etc...).  The FPs will include:
  • All updates from the previous FP of same feature release stream
  • Any hot fix “proven” since the last FP
  • Selected high-quality fixes using Interim Fix (IF) selection criteria in use today
  • Security patches including JVM updates

Fix Packs will not include:
  • New Features unless disabled by default
  • Translation fixes that would conflict with language kits
  • Template changes that would conflict with language kits. (This FP includes autocat.ntf and Forms9.nsf)

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As this is the first fix pack for for 10.0.1, there are no supersedes

Fixes contained in this Fix Pack Release

IBM Notes®/Domino® 10.0.1 Fix Pack 1 addresses defects in the Notes Client & Domino Server including all feature components (iNotes, Designer. Admin etc). All Fix Packs are language independent and may be applied on any language version of IBM Notes®/Domino® 10.0.1.

The Notes®/Domino® Fix List website on developerWorks will show you the status of upcoming Fix Packs on the Upcoming Releases tab.

Notes/Domino 10.0.1 FP1 contains fixes for approximately 30 known issues, of which are listed below.  The Fix List database on developerWorks contains the description of each fix in this Fix Pack, and indicates which platform(s) have been fixed.

Note: A plus symbol (+) before the SPR number indicates a fix for a regression bug. A regression bug is an issue that was introduced in a release that did not exist in previous release. For example, a bug that appears in Release 10.0.1 but did not exist in Release 10.0 is a regression.

10.0.1 Fix Pack 1 Fix List descriptions:

  • +SPR #DDOOB69PP9 - Fixed the issue where ViewColumn painter was unable to paint the ViewColumnHeader labels. This is a regression beginning in 9.0.1FP10.
  • +SPR #JOHNAXJGW9 - Fixed a Notes startup issue after a widget is installed by a non-admin user, in a multi-user notes setup. This is a regression beginning in Notes 901FP10.  
  • +SPR #RTAJB6VCN7 -  Fixed a tab selection issue where after moving a tab, the selection changes to a previous tab.  This is regression beginning in 901FP10.
  • +SPR #PALTB6KRVW - Fix for REDIM of lotus script long arrays causing subscript out of range errors.  This regression was introduced in 10.0.
  • +SPR #RTAJB6VCN7 -  Fixed a tab selection issue where after moving a tab, the selection changes to a previous tab.  This regression was introduced in 901FP10.
  • +SPR #PHAN8A2EHH - Fixed an issue where opening an XPages application in the Notes client (XPiNC) takes too long for the first launch. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP10.
  • +SPR #JPKRB76U2X - Fixed an issue with Mac client crashing when running any java agent/code.  This is a regression beginning in Notes 10.0.1.
  • SPR #SSIRB75N2S - Fix to retain the default font set by end user, which used to get reset.
  • SPR #MMNDB7JV7N - Fixed a Notes client crash when the user opens a document in an application and clicks the Next button for the next document.
  • SPR #PPUEB6ULGR - Client: Fixed a problem where "Entry Not Found In Index" error was seen on first launch of Notes Client after upgrading to 10.0.1 from 10.0.
  • SPR #PPRNB6ZGTB - Fixed an error on Mac Client where re-selecting one Sametime Meeting room after closing the same meeting room showed "Cannot connect to meeting Server".
  • SPR #STAAB9J78T - Fixed an issue where the database Repair function didn't work after Japanese Language Pack was applied.
  • SPR #JVEKBA2LVL - 10.0.1 FP1 for MAC & Windows fail to install on a 10.0.1 G1 Notes Client.  This is documented under Technote #0879631.

  • +SPR #PALTB87SDQ - Fixed an issue with Lotus Script Redim not working correctly on Lotus Script Long arrays which were causing functional failures.  This is regression beginning in 901FP10.
  • +SPR #PALTB6KRVW - Fix for REDIM of lotus script long arrays causing subscript out of range errors.  This regression was introduced in 10.0.
  • +SPR #PALTB87PXJ - Fixed an issue in LotusScript NotesRichTextNavigator FindAndReplace method where it would fail if run more than one time after upgrading to 10.0.1. This is a regression beginning in 10.0.1.
  • SPR #SKSWB89MGH - Fixed an issue where LotusScript function NotesJsonArray.getNthElement(index) always returned the first element.
  • SPR #MKENB75H4A - Fixed a race condition in LSX Module handling that may lead to a crash with invalid Critical Section Handles.
  • SPR #DCONB5MKZL -  Fixed the issue in Lotus script editor where newly added Lotusscript classes were appearing in ALLCAPS.
  • SPR #JCUSB75MMC - Fixed an issue with DQL when the range (<, ,+, >, >=) term ANDed with at leat one other term finds all documents when it should find none.
  • SPR #JCUSB76KF4 - Fixed an issue with coupled DQL range (<, ,+, >, >=) term (with both high and low bounds provided) ANDed with at leat one other term finds all documents when it should find none.
  • SPR #JCUSB7DR5L - Fixed an error with DQL with the substition variables used in the IN ALL (<viewname>) syntax fail with a compile error.
  • SPR #JCORB93PEY - Fixed an issue with DQL where calling Database.createDominoQuery on Linux resulted in Unsatisfied Link Error.

  • +SPR #RJTOB9ANCA - Fixed an issue where Delete Person action in Domino Directory request with the option "Delete mail replicas on all others server" may fail with a File Does Not Exist error listing admin4.nsf.".   This occurs if the server is not part of a cluster. This is documented under Technote #0872404.  This is a regression beginning in 10.0.
  • +SPR #SMOYB9JMCN - Adminp was incorrectly creating a Monitor Stub request for a Create Replica request, in effect treating it as a Move request.  This has been corrected.  A workaround is to disable the exchange unread marks option or manually create the replica from the UI.  This is a regression beginning in 10.0.1
  • SPR #AGUDB6JNUX - Fixed an issue with "AUTCAT java class not found" error.
  • SPR #VMRUB6LR6X - Fixed a server crash that could occur in a nifnsf enabled database having a corrupt .ndx file.
  • SPR #HPUTB5PEKZ - Fixed a missing online meeting password in an update notice when a meeting with online meeting details is updated by Chair.
  • SPR #GRHEB7ET5U - Fixed an issue where two domino servers saving the same attachment to DAOS with DAOS encryption *disabled* create files with the same name but different file headers (and therefore different checksums).  While this does not cause any problems for Domino or DAOS, it prevented some 3rd party de-duplication storage devices from being able to eliminate redundant copies of any given .nlo.  This change ensures that any new DAOS objects which are created will have a consistent file format and that an attachment stored to DAOS will have the same name and checksum regardless of which Domino server creates it.
  • SPR #LIBAB59NUY - The ability to enable the upload of a notes ID to the mail file via iNotes can now be enabled on the server using the notes.ini of ENABLE_IDUPLOAD_FOR_SAML=1.
  • SPR#JBUDB6NMJ6 - Restrictions on the length of JVM arguments passed to the JVM on AIX / IBM i  platforms caused Tika attachment filtering to fail to load. This fix allows Tika to load though a side-effect is that some additional Tika-related debug may appear in the live server console only. The additional debug is not written to the console log file on disk.
  • SPR #RGAU9VLHT3 - On the domino server set the following notes.ini (DISABLE_SAML_FLAG=1) to allow for an ID vault sync with a SAML user via the SecIdfget function.

  • SPR #RRENB6SK4D- Fixed an issue in Firefox that spell check inserts unexpected new line into sentences with misspelled words and misspelled words cannot be replaced if signature is already inserted into rich text editor.  
  • SPR #NKEYB6WPCR - Fixed a problem that suggested words in spell check dialog is not selectable when using Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7.
  • SPR #TKAAB6F58P - Fix a problem where the focus is not set when a new mail notification appears on IE11.
  • SPR #ASHHB55CB6 - Fixed a problem where a special type of nested folders disappears in the dialog box of a folder operation.
  • SPR #SAHEB6SEQB - When using INI iNotes_WA_AmbigDefNoSelection, the OK button will not be initially focused and no candidate will be initially selected on an ambiguous dialog box.
  • SPR #JALAAQZLBL - Fixed a problem where a line break is lost in the body text when a mailto link is clicked on the received message.

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