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IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.3 Maintenance Release - "Top 20" Fix List
December 20, 2011

Notes/Domino 8.5.3 is the third Maintenance Release on top of release 8.5. This release is primarily a bug fix release but also contains a small number of enhancements. For an overview of new features and enhancements, review the Notes/Domino 8.5.3 software announcement.

Download options
  • For information on how to download Domino 8.5.3, see technote #4029057
  • For information on how to download Notes 8.5.3*, see technote #4029058

*NOTE: The InstallShield Tuner for Lotus Notes configuration file (LotusNotes853.itw) was inadvertently excluded from the 8.5.3 webkits and ISO images. To download this file, see technote #1566984.

Fixes contained in this Maintenance Release

Notes/Domino 8.5.3 contains fixes for approximately 1200 known issues, of which the "top 20" are listed below. This list was compiled to identify the issues that most significantly impact customers. Issues were measured by the SPR severity level, the number of hotfixes given out, the number of customers reporting the issue, and the business impact to customers. For a complete list of SPRs fixed in Notes/Domino 8.5.3, see the
By Release view of the Notes/Domino Fix List. All issues fixed in 8.5.2 Fix Packs 1, 2, and 3 are included in 8.5.3.

Note: A plus symbol (+) before the SPR number indicates a fix for a regression bug. A regression bug is an issue that was introduced in a Maintenance Release that did not exist in previous releases of that code stream. For example, a bug that appears in Release 8.5.2 but did not exist in Release 8.5.1 is a regression.

8.5.3 "Top 20" Fix List

  • +SPR# YGAO8GHD8X - Fixed a display issue that caused the menu bar of memos to display wrong information on a widescreen notebook 64-bit Windows platforms. (technote #1502710)
  • SPR# HSAO8CZMTK - Fixed an iCal Domino crash. This crash can impact a Domino server or a client but has been more prevalent on Domino servers. (technote #1504183)
  • +SPR# SFBI88VRLW - Fixed a Notes Client crash which occurred after clicking the launch button on the calendar. This regression was introduced in 8.5.2. (technote #1454331)
  • SPR# YDFS8KL9KX - Accommodated change in DST rules for Chile. Before this change, Calendar entries in Notes Standard client would be off by an hour during the traditional DST period. This change brings the tzdata up to tzdata2011h. See this website for information on tzdata: . A companion agent published via the IBM Lotus Notes Support site may also need to be run to correct stored DST rule entries in individual calendar entries.
  • SPR# WTON7YRLY5 - Fixed an Installation issue that would prevent Notes from copying files to \workspace folders when parent folders had really long names. Prior to this fix a Windows error would occur: "Windows cannot copy file "c:\... <insert huge file name and path here>" Windows cannot update your roaming profile. A possible cause of this error includes network problems or insufficient security rights. If problem persists, please contact your system admin."
  • SPR# RGAU8B2M3T - Fixes a rare problem in which users upgrading from Notes 7 who had a mobile directory catalog bookmark pushed down via policy might see a new bookmark created every time the client was launched. After the fix, the first launch might create an additional bookmark which is easily removed and there will be no subsequent bookmarks created. (technote #1468634)
  • +SPR# OIHZ893RHK - Fixed a problem when using @Command(EditProfile) or the NotesUIWorkspaceEditProfile method in a button. When a Notes basic user clicked on the button, nothing happened.
  • +SPR# IFAY8AEEP6 - Fixed a problem where the Update Task was returning errors when run manually or scheduled.

  • +SPR# RSOI8A2B3V - Fixed a Domino nserver crash which did not allow server to startup although "Automatically Restart Server After Fault/Crash: was enabled in server document". Regression from 8.5.2. (technote #1474244)
  • SPR# DSAN87TMLT - Fixed intermittent Domino Server Crash in Http during authentication when doing a remote call via Directory Assistance to an LDAP server. (technote #1496055)
  • SPR# LMIL88TPFY - Fix resolves an issue resulting in SMTP Inbound Connection returning: "SMTP Server: Error Storing Received Message. Mail.Box Cannot Be Opened in that state." (technote #1416501)
  • SPR# JCHN73YR5Y - Fixes a server hang by panicking the server when an abnormally terminated process is detected. (technote #1467705)
  • SPR# AJMO8EKU92 - Fixed a performance issue that led to a Name Lookup Cache (NLCache) to flush unnecessarily. This can cause performance problems if critical views $Users or $ServerAccess flushes from the NLCache during user authentication. (technote #1566476)
  • SPR# MJBG8BG274 - Fixed a crash during shutdown of the http task. (technote #1569188)
  • SPR# JCUS8JHRVJ - Fix resolves a Domino Database replication issue around memory usage, which previously caused replication of databases to take more than 2 hours.
iNotes Web Access
  • +SPR# HSAO8A2MTK - Fixed a Domino HTTP crash on Linux when trying to open a document from the browser with specific URL commands. (technote #1450768)
  • SPR# ZKCO8AFB4T - Fixed exhaustive private memory usage if a particular language setting is done in iNotes preferences. (technote #1451604)
  • SPR# DTEI87MB4Q - Resolved server memory failures for iNotes deployments that use multiple languages and different versions of iNotes on the same server. (technote #1443910)
  • SPR# JCIK8EXP28 - Fix resolves a Solaris platform issue where Notes runs out of memory due to caching.
  • +SPR# JDOE8ECMAR - Fixed issue in iNotes around s_GeckoVersion incorrect in languages that don't use . as decimal separator. (technote #1506794)

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