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Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.1 Fix Pack 5 Release Notice
October 19, 2010

IBM Lotus announces the release of Notes/Domino 8.5.1 Fix Pack 5, a scheduled Fix Pack of low-risk, high-impact fixes to help customers safely avoid known issues. IBM strongly recommends that customers running Notes/Domino 8.5.1 upgrade to this latest Fix Pack since it addresses a small percentage of defects that impact the broadest set of customers. Fix Packs are released periodically between Maintenance Releases to provide a greater level of stability for customer environments. They go through the same level of fix, regression and interoperability testing that occurs with Maintenance Releases. Fix Packs are always cumulative and contain all of the fixes from previous ones.

Notes/Domino 8.5.1 Fix Pack 5 addresses defects in both the Client and Server. All Fix Packs are language independent and may be applied on any language version of Notes/Domino 8.5.1. (Note: Multilingual User Interface (MUI) packs for Notes 8.5.1 and above no longer need to be installed before fixes. See technote #1404436 for more details.)

Starting in Notes/Domino 8.5.1 Fix Pack 5, Firefox 3.6 and Safari 5 will be supported with iNotes.
Support has also been added for Windows 2008 R2 in Notes/Domino 8.5.1 Fix Pack 5.

See Technote #1450324 - "Optional Dojo update for IBM Lotus Notes Windows Standard Client 8.5.1 Fix Pack 5 ". This technote includes instructions for a companion to 8.5.1 FP5 that will provide a Dojo update for customers that rely on XPages applications in the Notes Windows Standard Client.

Download options

See Technote #4025721 - "Download options for Notes/Domino 8.5.1 Fix Packs." Fix Packs will not be distributed on physical media (DVD/CD).
  • If you have Notes 8.5.1 Basic Configuration or Notes/Admin/Designer (Basic edition) 8.5.1 installed, use the Notes 8.5.1 Fix Pack 5 Basic install.
  • If you have Notes 8.5.1 Standard Configuration or Notes/Admin/Designer (Standard edition) 8.5.1 installed, use the Notes 8.5.1 Fix Pack 5 Standard install.

Decision to upgrade

Customers unable to upgrade to later Releases should install Fix Packs to benefit from later fixes made to the product. By providing a small number of fixes, customers are able to accept fewer code changes with lower risk, allowing them to "patch" an older Maintenance Release until a more extensive upgrade to the current Release is possible.

However, while Fix Packs provide important fixes and IBM strongly recommends applying the latest Fix Pack available for a Maintenance Release, IBM still recommends that customers upgrade to the latest Release + Fix Pack combination to receive the broadest set of fixes available. You will receive more overall fixes with a later Release + Fix Pack than with a set of Fix Packs on top of an earlier Maintenance Release. For more information, see technote #1368141 - "Differences between Notes/Domino Maintenance Releases, Fix Packs and Cumulative Client Hotfixes."

Fixes contained in this Fix Pack

Note: A plus symbol (+) before the SPR number indicates a fix for a regression bug. A regression bug is an issue that was introduced in a Maintenance Release but did not exist in previous releases of that code stream. For example, a bug that appears in R8.5.1 but did not exist in R8.5 is a regression.

The Fix List database on developerWorks contains the description of each fix in this Fix Pack, and indicates which platform(s) have been fixed.

8.5.1 FP5 Fix List

These fixes apply to the Standard Notes Client:
  • SPR# ADC7WJPR5 - Fixed Notes crash issues which occurred when the thread cache database handle became invalid.
  • SPR# AMYS89TPQ9 - Fixed a problem that after federating with Google calendar, Activities encountered a connection problem. Implemented the following Notes.ini variables.
    DisableGoogleCookieHandler=1 to disable Google cookie handler;
    DisableGoogleCookieHandler=0 or not specified will not disable Google cookie handle
  • SPR# BCHN85NQRE - Prior to this fix, users were unable to Select Text from the Sametime chat window.
  • SPR# BMNE84N33W - Fixed a problem where a table selection event did not return the correct table item.
  • SPR# BMNE874DPM - Symphony minimizes to a tray icon when clicking "X" button, after which a message pops up from the icon, saying Symphony is still running. However, on Ubuntu 10.0.4, a painting/background issue makes the message unreadable.
  • SPR# BWLU829ARA - Error "stateController.setCurrentLocation has encountered a problem" was displayed when the network cable was unplugged.
  • SPR# CLKY84RVMT - Prior to this fix, user sessions for the Connections sidebar expired earlier than expected.
  • SPR# CLKY84RVS8 - Fixed error handling during Siteminder authentication so that unexpected server responses are accurately reflected on the client.
  • SPR# CLKY84RVWG - Prior to this fix, login event listeners registered for a given account would not be called when login events occurred.
  • SPR# CLKY86UQXN - Fixed a runtime error preventing successful TAM or Siteminder authentication to servers with irregularly formatted HTML forms.
  • SPR# CLKY86VQDY - Fixed a problem where user sessions would remain in tact after the account password expired or was changed to an incorrect value.
  • SPR# CLLE7XYRFK - Added session expiration handling so that users of the Connections sidebar are not disconnected and required to restart at the end of a session.
  • SPR# CLUG84WBCM - Prior to this fix, users of the Connections sidebar were not prompted if the account password was incorrect.
  • SPR# CREH87THSD - Prior to this fix, SPNEGO authentication with Sametime failed in all cases.
  • SPR# CSMH838SUG - Fixed an issue that would hide homepage links to Symphony (Documents, Presentations, and Spreadsheet) if Symphony 3.0 add-on is installed on top of 8.5.1FPx.
  • SPR# CSMH899S2L (APAR #LO54755) - Enabling a feature may fail to configure because one or more if its included features are uninstalled or were upgraded by another process, causing the main feature to become orphaned. When this happens, remove the main feature from the manifest and don't fail the config operation, but log the warning.
  • SPR# DCOY84RR5R - Fixed a Notes Client hang when trying to access a class from a corrupted shared cache class file.
  • SPR# DGAO86URSA - In the mail view, when the mail view width is short enough, the view will switch to vertical mode (e.g., each mail item will occupy 2 lines). In the mail view vertical mode, when clicking on the header, there will be a popup menu to allow you to sort on a column. Also fixed a memory leak problem when showing the popup menu.
  • SPR# DWHD87RGZZ - The Common Business card started to be the default Sametime business card in Notes 8.5.1. When one brings up a business card (for example hovering over a name in the buddylist or starting a chat to name a few), the card will retrieve that user's info from the local NAB, Sametime, and a Connections server if configured. If multiple cards are brought up in fast succession there will be multiple calls going to each server, one for each unique user for the business cards being displayed (if one user has multiple cards open then there will only be one set of calls for the cards showing the same user). This fix was introduced to limit the number of calls happening in parallel to reduce the server load. By default only 3 people's worth of data is fetched from the content sources at a time and the number can be increased or decreased depending on the desired server load.
  • SPR# EHET7TGSKE (APAR #LO43898) - Prior to this fix, activities account documents failed to authenticate with Siteminder using custom forms based authentication. (Technote #1410249)
  • SPR# EPOR83SQEF - Enhancements to Active X controls.
  • SPR# FBUE88YJ5D - Error "Provisioning process failed to launch or was stopped before status could be determined" displayed after installing the Notes standard client with ST Embedded and ST Advanced Embedded.
  • SPR# GTON84FERL (APAR #LO50697) - Fixed an intermittent crash in Turkish spell check that could occur after repeating spell check calls depending on other application activity. (Technote #1431535)
  • SPR# JCRY876TEY (APAR #LO53187) - Fixed a problem where the main title bar on a tabbed chat was not displaying the name of the correct person involved in the chat.
  • SPR# JGUO7Y3K5S - Reloading a composite application will now work correctly. Prior to this fix, the application was not reloaded on a request from lotusscript.
  • SPR# JMOE838UEA - Fixed a problem achieving Single Sign On with the embedded browser when the account server contained a wildcard.
  • SPR# JMOE83KRZA - Prior to this fix, TAM and Siteminder authentication failed for servers that provided cookies in a lower case set-cookie header.
  • SPR# JMOE83KSF6 - Fixed a TAM and Siteminder authentication problem that occurred when the server's HTML form specifies a path instead of a full URL for form submission.
  • SPR# JMOE83KSJQ - Prior to this fix, authentication to a TAM or Siteminder server would fail if the account contains a Home Portal URL in addition to an authentication URL.
  • SPR# JOGA7TSKFE (APAR #LO42263) - This fix makes the focus of the tabbed chat window configurable relative to the most recent incoming message.
  • SPR# JQUL87EFRC - XPages Active Content Filtering (ACF) now filters dojoType attributes by default from Rich Text Fields (which are displayed as HTML in the Browser). Without this fix, customers can work around the issue by renaming the Domino/data/properties/acf-config.xml.sample to acf-config.xml, adding the following line <rule attribute='dojo' attribute-criterion='starts-with' action='remove-attribute-value' /> to the base rules section, and restart the Domino server for the changes to take effect.
  • SPR# LJCN8424JW - Attempting to run one of the System Collectors on the IBM Support Assistant Workbench, a dialog will be displayed indicating that "Data Collection has encountered a problem". This occurs when the data collector attempts to create a directory in the install directory where the user does not have writes. This fix creates the directory in the proper log location where the user has rights.
  • SPR# LJWG84G8BC - If UUID is set as the user ID in the Community server, the username is shown as UUID in chat history in mail file. This change is to use mail address as the username.
  • SPR# MALK7UVJ88 (APAR #LO43318) - Under specific conditions of detaching a file from a remote database, the client could crash. The message indicated: PANIC: Deadlock situation, in TWI, was displayed in the NSD.
  • SPR# MBUT7W8SJL - Fixed Xulrunner memory leak issues with page switching.
  • SPR# MKHN82JN7V (APAR #LO48757) - When pasting some HTML that includes content that needs to be retrieved by URL from the internet (i.e. references to images) and perweb.nsf and perweb50.ntf cannot be accessed, the Notes client will crash.
  • SPR# MPAA7RD9C2 (APAR #LO47515) - Prior to this fix, the selections were not cleared from hSelectedList whenever we perform Drag and Drop on documents to be archived. (Technote #1444456)
  • SPR# MSTO7ZPJC6 - Fixed a Web Service stack issue when using dual stack IPv6 system. The issue was with name retrieval from request headers.
  • SPR# MSTO822MNU - Resolved an issue with HttpServletRequest.getLocalAddr() not returning a correct URL for IPv6 addresses.
  • SPR# MSTO82LPTD - Resolved an issue where the Web Container rejected HEAD requests.
  • SPR# PCAN86ER7F - This fix enables copying and pasting from shortcut keys in a xulrunner based browser.
  • SPR# PZZG8738FN - Fixed a problem where the Main Menu was lost after minimizing and maximizing a window opened in a new window.
  • SPR# QFHO84GJ47 - Addressed an issue that prevented Notes from Launching after applying Symphony 3.0 Add-on. The Symphony 3.0 Add-on installer that allows you to upgrade the version of Symphony embedded in Notes is due to ship in November 2010.
  • SPR# RDES87HSKX (APAR #LO53438) - Fixed a problem where the main title bar on a Sametime chat does not display the correct person currently involved in the chat.
  • SPR# RGAU86JBYY (APAR #LO52609) - Fixed an intermittent Notes Client crash when opening a view in some applications.
  • SPR# RHOE7XXFYN (APAR #LO46456) - Fixed client startup when in an Offline Location with a disconnected network, for File Server roaming user. Notes Client used to quit after a user clicked OK in the "unable to find path to server " dialog. (Technote #1412589)
  • SPR# RMON7M2JM9 (APAR #LO49015) - Fixed an intermittent "Notes IPC Asynch Message processor (1)" error in Notes Standard when opening a mailfile and building the context menu.
  • SPR# SCHI829HQ7 (APAR #LO48493) - When an HTML message had map elements and Notes couldn't access the maps, Notes crashed because it tried to access the internet map objects after freeing them.
  • SPR# SCLL83WH6D - Prior to this fix, the embedded browser could not achieve SSO to a Portal server protected by Siteminder.
  • SPR# SRAO83TT7K (APAR #LO50899) - Fixed a problem when a user has an account with no name in the PNAB, the Java side was displaying a null pointer exception since the code was assuming that the account name will always be there.
  • SPR# TDEY89ASGW - Removed Space between Maintenance Release and Fixpack version to provide consistency on the About box for FP releases. Now all platforms, client and server use a consistent version format 8.5.1FP5. This will be true for future fix packs as well.
  • SPR# UKUR7VW976 (APAR #LO50074) - Prior to this fix, focus was lost in an embedded view after opening an embedded doc and then pressing ESC.
  • SPR# XCDL7TJDDE - Prior to this fix, if a user changes the ID he is logged in as, the previous user's tabs will remain open. This fix closes prior user's tabs.
  • SPR# XYGU86Q8FJ - Error "A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) must be available in order to run Symphony." was displayed after right clicking on the Symphony icon on the task bar to pin it as attached.
  • SPR# YYSN85J8NS (APAR #LO52970) - With this fix, applications will not be required to support opening a file from a URL. Since we open local files only, we only need a path such as "/home/sample/1.txt" but not a URL. A URL is normally formatted like this "file:///c:/1.txt", "", it does not only include the path but also include some resource ID.
  • SPR# YYSN89945B - With this fix, an extra routine will no longer be run when failing to upgrade Notes on Ubuntu. Customers should exit Notes prior to upgrading on the Linux platform.

These fixes apply to both the Basic and Standard Notes Client:
  • SPR# ADC6TEKEJ (APAR #LO44380) - Fixed an intermittent crash in the routine DocGetWindowHandle. (Technote #1386021)
  • SPR# ADC74JQ3F (APAR #LO43621) - Fixed an intermittent crash that occurs when pasting content into a rich text field, most commonly in a calendar invite form. (Technote #1424207)
  • SPR# ADET87ZRQX (APAR #LO53829) - Daylight savings time change for Egypt. On August 10, 2010, Egypt will be ending DST for the month of Ramadan. Fixed a problem where the calendar entries were off by an hour between September 9th and September 30th.
  • SPR# BJGY83MPB6 (APAR #LO49884) - Fixed a Client crash when updating Adobe 9.x. (Technote #1437890)
  • SPR# CLKY87SJ8Y - Prior to this fix, when trying to change the value of the preference that controls the authentication interval for session timeouts, using plugin_customization.ini, the value would not be picked up by the platform. With this SPR fix, that changed value would now be honored. In most cases, however, users would push down the preference changes via policy.
  • SPR# CSMH899S2L - Enabling a feature may fail to configure because one or more if its included features are uninstalled or were upgraded by another process, causing the main feature to become orphaned. When this happens, the main feature will be removed from the manifest and the config operation will not fail but a warning added to the log.
  • SPR# GHAT83TPZ9 (APAR #LO50080) - When the width of an HTML table was over 100%, Notes failed to calculate the width for rendering. In some cases, the contents of the table were totally lost.
  • +SPR# HNAA7XYCGX (APAR #LO47282) - Prior to this fix, the filename of an attachment icon wrapped poorly in all languages/character sets and especially in DBCS languages. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1. (Technote #1413985)
  • SPR# JSTN7X8N4A (APAR #LO45741) - Prior to this fix, the mail replica settings were overwritten when Notes copied icons on the workspace.
  • SPR# JYLU83R9DT - This SPR is to enhance SSO timeout. Timeout can be set from the configuration file, which will be convient to a user to set proper time for SSO timeout period. Enhancement also includes log information displayed on the status bar. During the SSO, a user can also click the stop button on the menu bar to stop the process of SSO. The fix only affects the SSO process.
  • SPR# KKOO86VE68 (APAR #LO52918) - Fixed the inability to see Column data in a View.ColumnValues array to the right of an empty entry.
  • SPR# KSOR7PBL8X (APAR #LO37751) - For mime mail, the mail header is appended to the html body at the time the message is opened. After the mime mail has been opened and "show details" used to display the mail address, the appended header can not be updated. With this fix, we open the mime mail that will be rendered by the browser with "show details" enabled, then the appending header logic can read and write the email address to the html and print it. (Technote #1372429)
  • SPR# MWID7XWJT2 (APAR #LO46418) - Spell check dialog does not appear if sending a message and Notes is configured to use 3 monitors. On Windows and Macintosh, the spell dialog will be minimized when opening, and restored to size when the first misspelling is found. On Linux, the dialog will be hidden when opening and displayed when the first misspelling is found. (Technote #1414199)
  • SPR# SDIO6RWDR2 (APAR #LO50252) - This fix sets the screen lock out setting on the User Security/Security Basics Panel to Gray when disabled by Desktop Policy setting. (Technote #1294591)
  • SPR# SDOY7FZCKH (APAR #LO50596) - Prior to this fix some attachments were not being saved because it appeared they were not modified.
  • SPR# SVRO88FMRL (APAR #LO54298) - Fixed an intermittent problem where the email body content was not displaying in the preview pane for mime messages. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1 FP4.
  • SPR# THSE77CNCS (APAR #LO51303) - Fixed a Notes Standard client crash which occurred when a user answered "Yes" at the failover prompt with the network cable unplugged. For Basic, there was no crash but the user would see "the remote server is not a known TCP/IP host." during the preview operation instead of failing over.
  • +SPR# UTOO82S7XJ (APAR #LO49019) - When a form has an embedded object and the object has the UpdateObjectFromDocument property, a document based on the form will be updated when you just open and close it without editing it. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1.
  • SPR# WHAM74DBNT (APAR #LO51073) - Added defensive code to avoid a null handle crash.
  • SPR# YFYF7XBC8X (APAR #LO53342) - Fixed an issue with memcheck, which cannot open shared memory due to session 0 isolation starting in Windows Vista/Windows 2008 later.

  • +SPR# NNAI7Z65PM (APAR #LO47546) - Fixe an issue where DBCS characters were getting lost in the Javascript library at a certain location. All Javascript libraries (server or client) with DBCS characters will correctly show the contents with this fix. This regression was introduced in 8.5.

iNotes Web Access:
  • +SPR# ALAS84K2CP (APAR #LO50874) - Fixed a problem where attachments became duplicated if multiple messages with an attachment were forwarded at once. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1 and 8.5.1 FP2.
  • SPR# JFOR88MPFK (APAR #LO54321) - Removed the option for marking a subject as confidential. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1 FP4.
  • SPR# JJYG82XAJL - DOLS plugin for Firefox has been updated to use the newer plugin API to support Firefox 3.6. Prior to this fix, the error "Installation of Domino Off-Line Services Web Control has been cancelled per request" was displayed after launching Firefox 3.6 in iNotes Full mode with FireFox 3.6/Win XP or FireFox 3.6/Vista and selecting "Go Offline".
  • SPR# JJYG8433F3 - DOLS plugin for Firefox has been updated to use the newer plugin API to support Firefox 3.6. Prior to this fix, the error "Installation of Domino Off-Line Services Web Control has been cancelled per request" was displayed after launching iNotes Full mode with Firefox 3.6/Redhat 5.2 and selecting "Go Offline".
  • SPR# JUYA6U8FEH (APAR #LO47746) - Prior to this fix, if there was no deletion stub in the original database, the restoring documents were added to the present folder in the original database.
  • SPR# KKOO7TZESU (APAR #LO42432) - Fixed a problem where multiple mail addresses were not populated by the mailto link.
  • SPR# KMOA82TB26 - Resolved problems with Safari 5 during general usage, due to browser security enhancements.
  • SPR# KRAU857C4A (APAR #LO51465) - Addressed problem with French Language Pack on AIX where deleting a document from the Inbox would fail due to server formula evaluation errors. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1.
  • SPR# KYOE6U49JW (APAR #LO50917) - Fixed a problem where "&brvbar" was displayed in the mail rule condition for DBCS languages when opened after an upgrade. (Technote #1253100)
  • +SPR# MLEY82YJFK (APAR #LO49193) - Renamed the Notes.ini variable from "iNotes_WA_ReleaseFocusAfterNotification" to "iNotes_WA_UseChildWindowForAlert". This regression was introduced in 8.5.1. (Technote #1443622)
  • SPR# PTHN874PNW - If the iNotes File Upload Control ActiveX fails to load, the product should fall back to an HTML based solution. This fix resolves a problem where that fallback was not happening when reading email messages with attachments. The symptom of the problem is that the attachments area of the message will continually display "Loading...".
  • +SPR# SDOY829BGY (APAR #LO48404) - Improved client CPU performance for "Show documents one page at a time" mail view. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1. (Technote #1433992)
  • SPR# SDOY869GSQ (APAR #LO52413) - Fixed a problem where a Notes HTML signature could be truncated when configured to display via Preferences. (Technote #1446344)
  • SPR# WLWL8898KH - When a chair cancels a meeting, or an invitee declines a meeting from a meeting invitation, a warning message is shown to the user. This message is not automatically read by screen readers, so users who rely on screen readers will not be aware of its presence. With this fix, the warning message will be automatically read by a screen reader when it is shown. (Technote #1444480)
  • SPR# XMXL7Z65M6 - Firefox 3.6 only: context menus shown by iNotes are hidden by browser's default context menu.
  • SPR# YHAO8395CP (APAR #LO54633) - Fixed an issue with Firefox 3.6: When clicking "Details" button on the Select Addresses dialog to see details of a group, no group member is displayed. (Technote #1448968)

  • SPR# CLON855S8U - The Domino HTTP task has a 'refresh' command that tells the server to refresh (e.g. re-read configuration information). This command can be emitted from the Domino console or periodically by the server (once a day with the default configuration). The XPages engine erroneously cleared the running sessions when it received this command, login out the connected users and blocking new requests until all the user cleaning is done. This fix prevents this behavior.
  • SPR# CSCT7V2RJS - This fix disables all compute actions for the conflict losing document since a computed field can try to open up a database and require a lock. The conflict losing document will not have computed fields calculated but all other data should arrive in the updater's mailbox.
  • +SPR# DSAN7XH3LD (APAR #LO46015) - Prior to this fix, session information was not written to Misc Events in log.nsf when using the Notes.ini variable "Log_Sessions=2". This regression was introduced in 8.5.1. (Technote #1403733)
  • SPR# FMEG8448Y6 (APAR #LO50403) - This fix address a log file full issue for which there is no indication of why (no long held lock or error messages). (Technote #1432957)
  • SPR# GRCE7ZWT6T (APAR #LO50381) - Fixed an intermittent server crash due to a bad bblock handle updating views in a database being brought back online. (Technote #1446005)
  • SPR# HARL83GB9T - Reduced the default memory footprint for the directory update/cache subsystem. The number of defualt view reg entries in R7 was 32K. This was increased in R8 to 65K. This has turned out to be too high in some server environments so in 8.51Fp5 and 8.52 it has been put back to the default of 32k. This number can be reduced further by using the ini parameter Debug_View_Reg_Overall_Limit. So for example you can reduce number of view registration entries to 10000 by making the ini look like this Debug_View_Reg_Overall_Limit=10000. (Technote #1424153)
  • SPR# HSPR7U2BZL (APAR #PK91645) - Fixed a "random" crash when modifying your own ACL via LotusScript and your worker thread doesn't outrun the garbage collector.
  • SPR# JACE85RCJZ (APAR #LO51954) - Fixed NIF Pool memory leaks that could result in a server crash.
  • SPR# JPMS7VARS4 (APAR #LO43782) - Occasionally non-Domino processes that repeatedly start and stop may cause the Domino server to slow down due to Platform Statistics collecting process stats. This fix prevents the collection of stats for non-Domino processes and does not alter the output of the Platform Statistics "show stat" command. (Technote #1409427)
  • SPR# JSDS844R3W - Fixed a crash impacting Lotus Traveler converting Rich Text to HTML if the content contains a corrupt formula. We now handle more intelligently and display all possible content.
  • SPR# JSDS85VHRK - Releases of Domino prior to 8.5.2 sometimes did not close internal representations of rich text elements. This could cause crashes when the rich text was manipulated by another tool, or by XML or HTML export/import operations. This sequence is now detected and the rich text is handled correctly. This was found running Lotus Notes Traveler.
  • SPR# KGIE6VRNGR (APAR #LO43104) - Fixed an access violation crash in ValidationCtx_Fill due to a null pointer during client authentication processing (Technote #1397060)
  • SPR# KUMA7VJJBB (APAR #LO44090) - Fixes an issue when NSD will be used as the crash handler for the notes2 process and preventing the collection of a javacore. Set Disable_Notes2_Exception_Filter=0 to disable this behavior. (Technote #1416038)
  • SPR# LHAR77EA5E (APAR #LO43426) - Defensive error handling applied to address 3rd party vendor application failure for attachment processing (Keyview).
  • SPR# MKEN85EQCT - The increase in the HTTPJvmHeapSize causes some customers to hit low memory and/or crashes with http on 32 bit systems. This fix adds code to reset the HTTPJVMHeapSize back to 64 meg if the HTTPJVMHeapSize ini is set to 256 meg. It will do this the first time the new server starts. Administrators can reset back to 256 after the first start of the http server or add the ini HTTPJVMMaxHeapSizeSet=1 to prevent the server from resetting the HTTPJVMHeapSize ini back to 64 meg from 256 meg.
  • SPR# MSER7J7TY5 (APAR #LO48293) - Prevents a server crash caused by a low memory condition.
  • SPR# NORK862MRL (APAR #LO52182) - Imap and convert -h crashes Domino servers when processing messages with blob (rfc822) objects in conjunction with native mime. (Technote #1438220)
  • SPR# OFFI7X42HB (APAR #LO45623) - Fixed a leak in ProbeServer code that caused an outage. (Technote #1407257)
  • SPR# RCOR7KWFJQ (APAR #LO53598) - Addresses log file full due to error from hlgSetLogLSNArray.
  • SPR# RSHA83TH8Y (APAR #LO50077) - This fix prevents a server crash on daosmgr during a catalog rebuild. (Technote #1428268)
  • SPR# SKAI83P9ZZ (APAR #LO49957) - Fixed a leak when using Websphere single sign on tokens with additional attributes in Domino.
  • SPR# SPRT6XTRXN - Fixed an issue with freeing invalid handle in network code Endp_Free which resulted in a crash.
  • +SPR# SWAS86GNJB (APAR #LO53064) - After recovering a database and applying the transaction logs (archive style logging), the retrieved log extents were left in the log directory. Prior to this fix, this only happened with nlogctrl.lfh files created with Domino 8.5.1. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1. (Technote #1448450)
  • +SPR# SWAS86GP5D (APAR #LO52995) - Fixed a bad nlogctrl.lfh file that was created in Domino 8.5.1x with archive style transaction logging configured. This regression was introduced in 8.5.1.
  • SPR# TACN85BKJH (APAR #LO53312) - Provide BRMS awareness of transaction logging directory location so it can be omitted when saving the rest of IBM i integrated file system (IFS).
  • SPR# TACN87YPXP - Fixed a problem on IBM i 7.1, where the list of ptfs installed for this Domino release was not reported correctly in the NSD.
  • SPR# TDOO85RRNM (APAR #LO51992) - Server crashed on nPOP3 task with the error message "PANIC: Insufficient memory due to leaks on BLK_MMSTREAMBUFFER" when message was marked read.

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