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Customer Priority Recommended Release (10.0.1 FP2)


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DJOS5FLSWCUsers can now see the folder copy to/move to dropdown/combobox when using the R5 Webmail on an 6.0.1...
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SFBI96NRSQFixes intermittent Notes client crash when the Admin client is opened from within the Notes client
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JMEAAL7J7VFixed an issue where a local group no longer expands
HJLO6QPA5YFixed an issue where names were corrupted for attachments with DBCS filenames.
TPON949L2MFixed an issue where encoded phrases may have embedded delimiters after decoding -- e.g., the comma (',') in Ziffle,...
AYAVA6YLWS[High Resolution Screen Client Fix]: Home Page icons are not getting scaled on the High Screen Resolution...
CSYL9P8N6VFixed an issue where users are unable to import an *.ics file while the Notes Client running
SKAIALJE9NFixed an IBM Domino server IMAP EXAMINE command stack buffer overflow (CVE-2017-1274)
DCON9ZSGXLFixed an issue where Calendar entries created by Out Of Office needs to add a flag
TTIHAKX2MZFixed an issue where the chair becomes unable to send meeting invitations to internet addresses when using...
RGAU829D4GEnhancement for automatic refresh of the inbox to be available for a delegated mail file
RGAUALXF5RFix error messages from the lower levels of the JavaStack
SVEM99YKRVFixed an issue with the log file full condition when a database is being enabled for IMAP.
YGAO9EFSLNFixed an issue where enforcing an INI in the Desktop settings is not working (All templates except Kazakh and...
YGAO9P3UJQFixed an issue where the Desktop Settings cannot modify the value pushed to the client (All templates except Kazakh and...
JIMS82D6HTFix an issue where users are unable to delete an expired Internet certificate from ID file when the ID resides in ID...
CSMHAKR5VRFixed bugs in the categorized inbox view
CSMHAG9M5KFixed numerous display issues with Notes client on 4k Hi-Res (High Resolution/High Definition)...
RONL8LQBPTInbox views in mail-in databases on the standard client will automatically refresh. In prior releases, inbox...
DAGL9X6JNUFixed a Notes Client crash in Asyncreceivepoll where the session goes away and the session block is freed which causes...
JJCMAKV3DTFixed an issue where "Starts With" Window is not showing when pressing any letter or number key in a...


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