Notes/Domino Fix List
SPR # CSCT836HFLFixed in 8.5.2; 8.5.1 FP3; 7.0.4 FP2; 8.0.2 FP6 releaseRegression in 8.0.2 FP2

Product Area: Client; Server Technical Area: LotusScript Platform: Cross Platform

Lotus Customer Support APAR: LO49350

SPR# CSCT836HFL - View.getDocumentByKey and getAllDocumentsByKey fail on a very busy view, with the error "the collection has become invalid". This fix will allow collection retrieval under all commonly occurring conditions and is primarily for the server, but will pertain to both client and server. This regression was introduced in 8.0.2 FP2.

Technote Number: 1464914

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Last Modified on 12/04/2013

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