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by Technical Area Recommended Release (10.0.1 FP2)


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PCAN92HT2ZFixed an error preventing spell check services from functioning properly when dictionaries are installed on a UNC path.
Hide details for Access for SAP SolutionsAccess for SAP Solutions
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JLLE6SKGAYAdding a Family contact failed due to the inability to enter a value for "Type of contact".
PLZU6VUFHBError message received after clicking "Remove Address" button in edit mode.
PLZU6W28N9The value of "Date of Birth" in the personal tab of the Notes client displayed one day ahead of the value in the SAP system.
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DMLI6PNGY9After clicking the "Update from SAP" button, the company name field was not updated.
DMLI6QR7RWFixed a problem where an error dialog was not displayed after only entering the Variant and leaving the Report Name field empty, in the Request SAP...
HYYG6PG7VWSAP employee search was often resulting in blank lines in the results list in the dialog, because SAP returns empy rows. The blank results are now...
JLLE6P6NCUError message "Overflow (err:6, line: 19)" was displayed after trying to update an SAP contact, when the form was in Read or Edit...
JLLE6PGQ8MAfter refreshing, a workitem in a completed state could not be deleted from a user's mail file.
JLLE6PGR93UI changes to the dialog appearing after clicking on "Enable scheduled refresh".
JLLE6PLJCCAdded sorted Priority column (with sort-on-the-fly).
JLLE6QRCESFixed a problem where simplified Chinese characters in the Subject field were changed to a question mark after reporting the time in the Report Time...
JLLE6QZHJQFixed a problem in the German language release where the field title could not be updated from SAP.
JLLE6R7GL4Fixed a problem where only a change in the "Subject" field was made to the original entry. The fields Company Code, Cost Center, and Activity Type...
JLLE6R89RJPrior to this fix, a SAP work item status change could not be updated successfully.
JLLE6RTET8The "SAP Workitems" view is now sorted by priority, in ascending order. Accent sensitive sorting is also enabled, by default.
KHOD6QWLXTFixed truncated error message displayed when the SAP connection doesn't work and after clicking the "Submit" button in the SAP Pending...
KHOD6QWMAQFixed a problem where the Quick Time Entry did not display the correct date.
KHOD6QWNZEWith this fix, seconds were removed from the Time column on the Pending Submissions form.
KHOD6QWPV6When an approver received a cancel notice, the info message appeared when Closing, not when Opening the notice. This problem has been fixed in...
KHOD6QWREMPrior to this fix, when adding a contact from the SAP Directory, a connectivity failed error was displayed. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2. -...
ROLR6PM4D6Time Report no longer displays a type mismatch error if the end time is before the start time.
YFWI6PK5SUError (Unable to submit report request to SAP: Internal problem...) displayed in the SAP Report Request window after entering a random report name. ...
YFWI6PKG9UUpdated text displayed when the approver reopened an approved leave request.
YFWI6PMGSDPrior to this fix, if you set the Start Date past the End Date, or the End Date before the Start Date the End Date will be set to the day after the...


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