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1-89 of 89 results.
SPRReleaseDate modifiedDescription
90%PHEE6JUS2E6.5.6,7.0.212/10/2013Domino HTML filter (invoked by ";html" symbol) has a mechanism to handle contents within square brackets as pass-thru HTML. Enabled HTML signature...
90%MCMA5MCJ3X6.0.512/08/2013Incoming SMTP mail messages which use a table to display graphics do not display correctly. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
*Note: The fixes...
90%LHZO6H2CLE6.5.5,6.5.4 FP312/08/2013 Fixed a problem in the decoder where it wasn't updating a pointer when the buffer was reallocated. This problem was visible when (a) messages have...
90%DMYG5KRPZD6.0.512/05/2013Improved performance with HTML newsletter rendering.
*Note: The fixes for this and related sprs in Notes 6.0.5 and 6.5.4 can be disabled via the...
89%OLR5F7TCZ6.0.512/09/2013Fixed the formatting of HTML email newsletters. The table column width was displayed incorrectly.
*Note: The fixes for this and related sprs in...
89%KTOT5CRSZZ6.0.512/08/2013Fixed a problem with MIME/HTML messages where the format was distorted when opened in Notes. The frames were not aligned and some of the graphics...
88%TGOO5YBE3M6.0.512/10/2013Mail received from an MS Outlook 2002/2003 client with HTML format as the mail format. The message does not show body content, instead it shows the...
88%PFOI5ZTLPK6.0.512/10/2013Added a new WSWelcome field on the configuration tab of the Web Site form.
88%PANN5SDD7Z6.0.512/09/2013Fixed occurrences where HTML tables weren't rendered correctly (where the table was too wide or columns were too wide ,...). We also reduced the...
88%JCAO65HPWL6.0.512/07/2013Inline images must be rendered in the body of the message. This fix solves the problem where images that are part of the body were rendered as file...
87%MDLS54ZTJT6.5.5,5.0.10,6.5.4 FP112/08/2013When MIME_CONVERT_HTML_TO_ATTACHMENT=1 was set, and an incoming message contained HTML parts, which are quoted=printable encoded, the quoted...
87%JKBH5JJ59G6.5.4,5.0.1312/07/2013Fixed a problem with the way Domino Web Access displays mail with embedded objects and attachments. This regression was introduced in...
87%IBAN6AYURK6.5.512/07/2013Broken links caused red X's in Domino Web Access 6.5.3 on certain HTML messages. This problem has been fixed in 6.5.5.
86%TMIZ6KBC5K6.5.612/10/2013Fixed a "An error occurred while formatting. Press ESC to close window." issue with an HTML doc. document which appeared blank. This regression was...
86%KEMG6ATST66.5.4 FP112/08/2013It is now possible to disable the web server from processing passthru html. This is a server wide option. The option is controlled with the...
86%JACE6GXT6M6.5.612/07/2013Fixed a problem in rendering HTML tables that caused tables with merged cells to have inconsistent Column sizes. This regression was introduced in...
85%JKEY677R796.0.512/07/2013If a user receives an HTML memo with images on a secure server (<img src="https://...">) and they did not have a site certificate for the site linked...
85%DWON6BFJW36.5.612/05/2013Error message, "An error ocurred while formatting. Press ESC to close window" was displayed when trying to open an HTML formatted...
84%SSTN5FFSGS6.0.512/10/2013The column width of tables in HTML were rendered poorly. This regression was introduced in 6.0.
*Note: The fixes for this and related sprs in Notes...
84%LBUS5WJSED6.0.512/08/2013Fixed a print formatting problem when printing from the Internet. The emails display correctly and look fine when viewed through Print Preview. ...
84%KMAO5634LP7.0.212/08/2013With this fix nested tables are no longer left aligned by default.
84%JHOD5NKQ5M6.0.512/07/2013When the Notes client opens a mail message composed of HTML elements, a GET request for each HTML element is sent to the proxy server. The proxy...
84%JBAA5MZTJJ6.0.512/07/2013When a MIME message was received with an image that had the Content-Type of "application/octet-stream", the image was not rendered with the Notes...
84%DCHR6R9VDQ8.5.112/05/2013 Fixed a problem where Notes crashes in the routine ICTcpNtiReceive whenever you open a Specific HTML message after creating SSL site certificate...
84%CHAN5WG68U6.5.412/04/2013Fixed a problem where a DreamWeaver HTML form would not display in the Notes client. This regression was introduced in 6.5.
84%MLAT65FT9F6.0.503/03/2010Better performance and less errors when opening HTML documents.
*Note: The fixes for this and related sprs in Notes 6.0.5 and 6.5.4 can be disabled...
84%JCAO68STX46.0.503/03/2010Message sent from Outlook in HTML format results with invalid body content. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.5 and 6.5.4.
83%OOGE5RRL646.0.512/09/2013Printed document is shifted to the left. This problem was introduced in 6.0.
83%BSPR5W9LFP6.0.503/03/2010Fixed the display of an HTML mail message. Prior to this fix, the message was displayed too far to the right side of the screen.
*Note: The fixes...
82%MJUK5C5QGY6.0.510/29/2015This fixes the problem where message with attachments from non-Notes senders over the Internet were not correctly decoded. Attachments could not be...
82%VCAL6DDSMF6.5.5,6.5.4 FP212/11/2013This fix checks for a valid return when adding computed url to an outline.
68%BMSN6TLL9R6.5.6,7.0.3,6.5.5 FP3,7.0.2 FP207/23/2016Improved the handling of NSD errors.
68%WWHG698JJ56.5.512/11/2013During nsd execution on zLinux, either following a fault or "nsd -batch" run, the memcheck utility hangs. An indicator of this problem are lines in...
68%SCOS6SAP2T6.5.6,7.0.3,6.5.5 FP312/10/2013Added the option to skip processes looking for system handle information.
68%RTOA6LLSDK6.5.6,7.0.312/10/2013NSD diagnostic data collection integrity improvement.
68%RHUN6DLSLM6.5.512/10/2013The NSD log file contained 2 sections for the process memory maps, which could cause confusion for analysts and slightly increased the log file size....
68%RGET6Q2SKY6.5.6,7.0.3,6.5.6 FP212/10/2013Fixed a problem which was causing NSD to fail to collect complete diagnostic data in some circumstances.
68%RGET6MS3LE7.0.3,6.5.6,6.5.6 FP212/10/2013NSD diagnostic data collection improvement. With this fix, the server can now log over 100 lines but there is no word wrap between each...
68%RGET6E2THH6.5.512/10/2013After a crash has occurred, the Domino system is suspended to prevent data corruption. Before this fix, the system was unsuspended just before...
68%RGET69A2RY6.5.512/10/2013Corrected a spelling mistake in NSD output.
68%RGET69LTYD7.0.2,6.5.612/10/2013NSD diagnostic data collection improvement.
68%PMAO6VCMKV6.5.5 FP312/10/2013NSD on AIX needs a switch to select dbx or procstack for use in gathering stack traces. To enable the feature, add Use_Dbx_Only=1 to the NSD.ini in...
68%NORK6NMMJD6.5.6,7.0.312/09/2013This fix prevents NSD diagnostic data collection in some circumstances. This was a regression introduced in 6.0.4.
68%MSAN6Y5M6U6.5.6,7.0.3,6.5.5 FP3,7.0.2 FP2,6.5.6 FP212/09/2013NSD was not detecting/showing a crash stack on AIX when procstack was used. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.3.
68%MSAN6NCGSU6.5.6,7.0.312/09/2013Improved the handling of NSD errors.
68%MSAN6Q6PUK7.0.3,6.5.612/09/2013This fix prevented NSD diagnostic data collection in some circumstances.
68%MSAN6XDTHL6.5.6,7.0.3,6.5.5 FP3,7.0.2 FP212/09/2013Fixed a problem where NSD was not detecting outdated sym files. NSD sometimes failed to detect outdated sym files and incorrectly annotated stack...
68%MSAN6NB4XQ6.5.612/09/2013Under certain memory leak conditions where a Domino process reaches or closely reaches the Windows 2 GB limit, NSD fails to load all shared memory...
68%MSAN6LY6H77.0.212/09/2013Fixes for NSD hangs, memcheck reporting errors, and NSD timeout bug
68%MKIN6AXQ396.5.5,6.5.4 FP312/08/2013For serviceability, URL history has been added for HTTP threads to memcheck output. To enable this feature, the Notes.ini variable...
68%JCHN6HBPB47.0.2,6.5.612/07/2013This fix allows live mode memcheck on AIX if APAR IY80724 is installed.
68%EDOE6MJULB6.5.6,7.0.212/06/2013Hard links are now deleted when an NSD crashes.
68%XJXJ6V5BHW7.0.3,6.5.6,6.5.5 FP305/14/2011After a Domino server crash, NSD ran but the log file dump was truncated at the end of the stacks. This problem has been fixed. A workaround is to...
68%TBRD6RZLSA6.5.5 FP3,7.0.2 FP205/14/2011A recent change to run memcheck as a separate process caused the log file to be closed and reopened. The reopen was in binary mode instead of text. ...
68%SCOS6UULZB7.0.2 FP2,6.5.5 FP3,7.0.305/14/2011With this fix, a Fatal stack will be captured even if symbol information is unavailable.
68%SCOS6QTQWX7.0.2 FP2,6.5.5 FP305/14/2011Reformatted "TCP Table"; now correctly named "TCP Connection Table" and all data is now aligned in a reasonable way. Added -hostnamelookup option to...
68%MSAN6UW3KX7.0.2 FP2,6.5.5 FP3,6.5.605/14/2011NSD now outputs Server Stats information. The same information that is displayed when a user gives the "show stats" server command is also now...
68%MSAN6RA3937.0.3,6.5.5 FP305/14/2011Added support for NSD annotation using pdb files and map files in addition to Domino sym files.
68%RGET693VEY7.0.2,6.5.603/03/2010Diagnostic Data Collection improvement.
68%MSAN6LY5VU7.0.2,6.5.603/03/2010This fix prevents NSD diagnostic data collection in some circumstances.
68%MSAN6LY63N6.5.6,7.0.203/03/2010This fix provides a backup method for determining which processes NSD should include.
68%JROU699PW96.5.509/19/2009Fixed an NSD hang.
68%JROU667RWN6.0.509/19/2009This fix provides an NSD warning that users may be running with low privileges.
68%JROU6MWPEN7.0.209/19/2009NSD enhancement to include information which may be useful for diagnosing some issues.
68%JROU6M2V6Y7.0.209/19/2009The order of sections has been changed to put the process list immediately after the NSD version header and before the Notes process...
68%JPAI6HHLLZ7.0.209/19/2009An NSD crash would cause us to miss crash data collection. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.2.
68%HNAA64KFUC6.5.509/19/2009Fixed a problem where NSD incorrectly reported memory size above 2G.
68%EBEL62DJ9D6.0.509/18/2009Fixed a memcheck hang when running zOS level 1.5 or higher. A workaround would be to disable memcheck or replace memcheck with a hello world...
68%RGET6CQN6M7.0.208/24/2007Under certain circumstances, the TLS Mapping section for a particular process contained bogus entries, where we see a Native thread ID, a primal...
68%VDES6KWM5G7.0.208/07/2007NSD now displays an error message when a command is more than 255 bytes. Also fixed minor
problems with handling REPEAT commands invoked from...
68%SMAI6DVMCP7.0.108/07/2007Fixed a server crash which occurred when NSD ran. The error message "Error: (59): can't mmap file /xxxx/xxxxx - (19) No such device" was displayed...
68%SCOS6KBT4L7.0.208/07/2007On XP and 2003 Server, NSD now automatically detaches and quits instead of entering console mode unless monitor mode is specified.
68%RTOA6HQMFT7.0.208/07/2007This fix adds -ver to nsd help.
68%RGET6LVRXP7.0.208/07/2007Added timestamps to the nsd section headers.
68%RGET6BV29C6.5.508/07/2007This fix prevents an overwrite of crashing process and thread id's by multiple crashes.
68%RGET69N3JM6.5.508/07/2007When memcheck verified the integrity of each VPOOL, it scans all constituent pool members (the underlying pools). Beginning in 6.0.3, memcheck...
68%RGET69LTPG6.5.608/07/2007NSD data collection improvement. With this fix, open document sections are labelled with the type of document.
68%RGET69A2V86.5.608/07/2007NSD data integrity improvement.
68%RGET69A2M56.5.608/07/2007This fix prevented the incorrect NSD diagnostic data collection in some circumstances.
68%RGET69A2AX6.5.508/07/2007Corrected the printing of BBLOCK handle values in NSD.
68%OMAI6GNH7B7.0.108/07/2007This fix prevents an attempt to memory map directories in memcheck.
68%MSAN6QGV2G6.5.608/07/2007Prevented NSD diagnostic data collection in some circumstances (improper SYM files).
68%MSAN6GTRFT7.0.208/07/2007Fixes for NSD hangs, memcheck reporting errors, and an NSD timeout bug.
68%MIAS6DCRVY6.5.508/07/2007Increased the max buffer size to prevent memcheck from failing and not finding all of the data that it should.
68%RGET5W3VJV6.0.508/02/2007Memcheck enhancement to dump privately allocated memory.
68%MSAN6N53CX7.0.208/02/2007Sometimes memcheck fails to match open documents and generates bogus errors. This is because memcheck memory processing does not follow dependencies...
68%MKIN6BSSVW6.5.605/17/2007Fixed a label error in NSD.
67%JBAA6CYSDF6.5.5,6.5.4 FP112/07/2013On Windows, NSD execution time ignores the Cleanup Script / NSD Maximum Execution Time setting in the Domino Server Document. The default value is...
67%HWAI66VB3V6.5.5,6.5.4 FP212/07/2013NSD takes a long time to run when there are many registered users. NSD gathers user info 8 users per function call, so systems with many users...


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