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SPRReleaseDate modifiedDescription
88%MJCE5U9EZW6.0.512/08/2013Corrected the layout of the Contact List dialog box for the Hebrew language client.
88%MALN63YM546.0.512/08/2013Fixed a corrupt data exception from the web server when accessing a form that contains a Sametime awareness field.
87%PMIA65FLSZ6.0.512/10/2013Support Notes client Sametime failover when SSO is used for authentication. If the name of the Sametime server in the client's location document is...
86%OOGE6NSRB86.5.612/09/2013Fixed a problem where users were unable to use Notes Instant Messaging without receiving the error message "Error logging in to instant messaging:...
86%ESAR5U6Q4B6.0.512/06/2013A customer is using a firewall between the Domino Web Access server and the Sametime server. Port 80 is open. 1533 is blocked. As long as 1533 is...
86%CSMH66KK5U6.0.501/19/2011When a user was listed in the buddy list or Instant Contact List, that user's status was not displaying in the view or messages. This regression was...
84%SIWA65JDTV6.0.512/10/2013Double-clicking the status bar control for 'log off Instant Messaging' leads to a crash. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.5 and...
83%RSCR5SZF826.0.512/10/2013Sametime client record information was not updated after a change to the person record, restarting the client and then authenticating with the home...
83%MSCE67JQML6.0.512/09/2013Logging onto a Sametime server that does not have an active storage service running, will cause the Notes client to go down, with a bad error path...
83%CBRN678TK46.0.512/04/2013Fixed a problem where user status incorrectly appeared offline. If you hover over the name in the to field, you see the canonical name...
83%XMXL66L2YT6.0.503/04/2010The Awareness icon disappeared next to the owner's name on the view title bar in the Meeting notices view. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.5 and...
80%VROI6KGM6Y6.5.612/11/2013Certain rare combinations of user actions can put the Notes client in a state where it sends a continuos stream of name resolve requests, potentially...


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