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SmartCloud Notes Fixes


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07.Oct CQUNA2SNMQ This release includes the following Traveler fixes:

LO86466: Fixed an issue where encrypted attachments caused Error 400 when viewed using the...
06.Oct SLAEA2ZKFA Fixed an issue that caused delays when importing mail files for migration into service.
30.Sep SIBN9ZJCKE Fixed a problem in Notes web where the font used for printing numeric and alphabetic characters in a downloaded print preview PDF file were in italic...
30.Sep BRIS9Y2PUV Fixed an issue where mail routing of messages was being delayed by a bad message in the queue.
30.Sep JZAO8Q9RZM Fixed an issue where the Find Resources button in the Notes client could not properly display the Site and Category in the calendar Find Resources...
30.Sep EHOI9YQCU8 Fixed an issue in the where an alternate name does not display in the Notes client address dialog under "More - Open Person's Calendar.."...
30.Sep TTIH9YGD4S Fixed an issue where the Notes client did not display an alternate name when using the address picker.
23.Sep NNBN999LWB Fixes issue where meetings sent from Outlook as rich text format, arrive in Notes
as plain text emails.
23.Sep NCTN9YHGC5 Fixed a problem where a Notes web user may be unable to cancel out of an error for an incorrectly rescheduled date.
23.Sep DDUY9YWPXJ Fixed a problem in Notes where directory searches do not work properly for users with accented characters.
23.Sep TTIH9ZW967 Fixed a problem in Notes web where a blank window is opened after the user clicks a document link in IE.
23.Sep HMUH9ZK3VT Fixed a problem in Notes web where an error dialog is displayed when a user tries to print an email message.
14.Sep EHOI9X489U Fixed an issue where an error occurs when a Chairperson attaches a table from a Word document to the Meeting invitation and re-saves...
14.Sep SDOY9REKWB Fixed an issue where the disclaimer is prepended to a phone message, even when the policy is disabled for Notes.
14.Sep LMAN9XMM9P Notesweb/Verse: Fixed a calendar issue where Invitees see themselves FYI rather than required.
28.Aug RCFE9YWJZF Fixed an issue that caused application of incorrect policies
27.Aug VSEN9Y7QY3 Fixed an issue in SCNotes web where Shift-Click is not working as expected in the Attachments Area
27.Aug TTIH9U4AM9 Fixed a problem in SCNotes web mail rules where using internet addresses in conditions is not working correctly.
27.Aug EHOI9YN63P Fixed an issue in SCNotes web where user availability is not displayed in the "Find Available Time" section of a meeting, if a group is listed in the...
27.Aug PBAO9YWC5L Fixed an issue in SCNotes web where the user was unable to print a single contact in Chrome.
27.Aug TOGA9YHF92 Fixed a problem in SCNotes web where a delegate could not open another user's calendar on the second attempt.
27.Aug MSAI9Y8DCZ Fixed an issue in SCNotes web where a ghost file is created after canceling creating a calendar entry, if an image was inserted...
27.Aug IFAY9Z39WC Fixed an issue in SCNotes web where the user receives an error meesage when trying to reserve a room for a meeting.
27.Aug NLUA9XC9WU Fixed a problem where some users could not access SCNotes web mail and would receive an error, "The server's Domino Directory does not contain any...
27.Aug TTIH9UBE4M Fixed a problem in SCNotes web where a user can't move among documents with arrow key in IE.
27.Aug SIBN9Y8EAJ Fixed an issue in SCNotes web where an invitee could not accept a meeting invite, after the chair changed the required invitee to optional and then...
27.Aug JKEY9WHFFQ Fixed an issue in SCNotes web where the internal timezone table was not updated to include Ulan Bator, Mongolia.
27.Aug KNAA9Z63LY Fixed a problem in SCNotes web where a specific user could not log-in to SCN with ultra light mode.
27.Aug THIO9YUD6A The following attachment issues are resolved, in the case where the ActiveX control is enabled in Internet Explorer

SPR#THIO9YUD6A Fixed an issue...


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