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SmartCloud Notes Fixes


Hide details for 20142014
24.Sep HMUH9N5C27 Notes web: Fixed an issue where start and end dates are incorrect for meetings that span one day. This also resulted in an error for meeting chairs...
24.Sep YHAI9MZBTU Notes web: Fixed an issue where the contents of the business card were not displayed as expected.
24.Sep SVEM9E5EZF Fixed an issue where changes to the Out of Office duration via Traveler were not applied as expected.
24.Sep BSPR9NCQWQ Fixed an issue with unread marks that caused an unexpected mail server restart.
24.Sep CSAH9N6JA9 Notes web: Fixed an issue where the new message tab does not close out as expected after sending.
18.Sep MSTR8H5QLH Fixed an issue that would result in an error when displaying To Do Entries:
"Notes error: User name not found in Domino Directory". This requires...
18.Sep RPAI9N6K22 Fixed an issue where passwords were expiring earlier than expected for companies with password expiration intervals set.
18.Sep DANO9NNN3P Fixed an issue caused an error when attempting to enable an Out of Office notification.

Error found on Module: ENABLESERVICE ...
18.Sep IFBT9NF7YB Notes web: Fixed an issue in non-English locales where large sets of search results were not displaying recent entries when sorted by...
18.Sep CQUN9NUUV3 This release includes to following Traveler fixes. It does not require a client side update.

LO81908 Device may stop syncing if hit mime data...
10.Sep ADEE9M4K9X Notes web: Made a change to prevent end-user modification of applied policies.
10.Sep CQUN9NEJQC This release includes the following Traveler fixes. It will not require or prompt for a client-side update.

LO81825 Correctly recognize and handle...
05.Sep MKAA9NLU6Q Fixed sporadic provisioning issue for new users.
29.Aug JFOR9NELGE Notes web: Fixed a performance issue and an issue that caused the following message to temporarily appear when accessing the inbox when having a...
27.Aug PBAO9MHGDR Notes web: Fixed an issue where attachments were not sent as expected when multiple messages containing attachments were sent...
27.Aug HMUH9L7F8X Notes web: Fixed an issue where contents of a specific message are unexpectedly indented when viewed in Internet Explorer.
27.Aug TDAS9KSGPB Added support for IBM Notes Client 9.0.1 FP2.

Details on what is included can be found...
21.Aug MHAN9N7GL7 Fixed an issue with FTP and Migration Control Documents.
21.Aug PMIA9N7P2B Fixed an issue that caused an unexpected server restart.
20.Aug ASAO9MCAZL Notes web: Fixed an issue where a "TypeError: SV is not a function" error would appear when opening an email sent with an embedded...
20.Aug VSEN9LCTX4 Notes web: Fixed an issue where invitees were not able to process a specific kind of meeting invitation
20.Aug BRIS9K2R4C Fixed an issue that prevented a mailfile from being imported during provisioning.
20.Aug NLUA9LVBCU Fixed an issue where ids were not being uploaded to the ID vault as expected for Notes Clients configured to use Notes Shared Logon.
19.Aug DVDI9L2DMH Fixed an issue with IMAP that caused an unexpected server restart.
13.Aug ADEE9JLK2L Notes web: Improved Swedish translation for Notes web signature options.
13.Aug LJAS9AAK8A Notes web: Fixed and issue where the lower part of the characters for "Subject" and "To" were cut off in message replies and...
13.Aug ASAO9K5CRC Notes web: Removed the ability to create or reschedule an entry for greater than 24 hours or less than a minute.
13.Aug YHAI9KKD9W Notes web: Fixed an issue where the typeahead results when setting up delegated calendar shortcuts differed from typeahead when composing a new...
13.Aug HMUH9L29H5 Notes web: Fixed an issue with incorrect end times for room and resources lookups


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