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SmartCloud Notes Fixes


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05.Oct YGAOAB8FXS Fixed a problem with mail retention duration setting.
05.Oct CQUNADEFUK The following Traveler issues have been fixed in this release:

LO89471: Invitee status user names are case sensitive.
LO89745: Traveler goes in to...
05.Oct XWAGADJMVJ Fixed a memory contention issue when memcached response time increases.
20.Sep XNTCADK4VX Notes web: Fixed an issue with Chrome 53
12.Sep SVEM9YEM5M Fixed a directory issue.
08.Sep DAZA9L9HR5 Fixed an issue which was causing a crash.
08.Sep RSSNACVKFG The following Traveler issues have been fixed in this release:
238516: Invitee status user names are case sensitive.
243495: Traveler goes in to...
08.Sep BJGYACNGF3 Fixed an issue with failed user renames.
06.Sep CQUNADANT9 The following Traveler issues have been fixed in this release:
Multiple replies can occur with non-repeating events from the iOS native app due to a...
29.Aug TOGAAB6EDS Fixed an issue in Notes web where the size of ambiguous name dialog was too small.
29.Aug JKEYABCGHZ Fixed a Notes web issue when using the Polish Agonek character in IE.
29.Aug PANNA8LMFU Fixed an IBM Verse problem with the timezone for Israel on Redhat, Ubuntu and Apple Mac operating systems.
29.Aug TTIHABS4NB Fixed a Notes web issue with printing selected documents in IE
24.Aug CQUNACNHVJ Fixed a data retrieval problem with mobile devices.
10.Aug DVDIA3V8ZN Fixed an issue which was causing a crash under certain conditions.
10.Aug CQUNAC9GUA Fixed a Traveler issue with repeated replies to a chair from ios native client for non-repeating event.
10.Aug HMONA92LJ4 Fixed a display issue when a message from on premises is viewed in Notes web.
20.Jul SHIHAAXQW2 Fixed a provisioning issue.
20.Jul MOBNAAZRJJ Fixed an issue where a group record with one member does not get removed when that one member is removed.
20.Jul CQUNABFMDY The following Traveler issues have been fixed in this release:

LO88807: Fixed an issue for iOS native Calendar, where the device sends a remove, and...
20.Jul MCHZABVU3V Fixed an issue where a user with parenthesis characters was not receiving mail.
20.Jul RPAIA57HCP Fixed an issue where a hybrid user was unable to access SmartCloud Notes mail after that user has been renamed using the CA...
20.Jul SOKEA9LGYZ Fixed an issue where the subscriber state was blocking the migration of that user to SmartCloud Notes.
14.Jul DVDIABD8W2 Fixed an issue that was causing a crash in HTTP.
14.Jul MOBNAAYNPX Fixed an issue where on-premises users could not send e-mail to newly-provisioned cloud users in the same company.
14.Jul MCHZAACLJR Fixed an issue where certain group names with illegal characters were not removed from the cloud directory after deletion from the on-premises...
08.Jul SLAEABNEXV Fixed a problem in Verse with uploading attachments when composing a message.
07.Jul TTIHAB7CWH Fixed an issue in Verse and Notes web where users could not select a resource category when creating a meeting.


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