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SmartCloud Notes Fixes


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22.Jun PHEYAAGD9G Fixed an issue with the rename report tool.
22.Jun HMUHAAYDC8 Fixed an Admin issue where the following error was displayed when working with user groups: "Sorry, but something didn't quite work...
15.Jun MSAIA8Y989 Fixed a Notes web issue where a user was unable to download a file with a DBCS name plus additional symbol and numeric characters.
15.Jun CQUNAAP9JT The following Traveler issue has been fixed in this release:
LO89097: Traveler device may display "EnterSendTo" field data if "SendTo" field is empty...
08.Jun CQUNAA8P32 The following Traveler issues have been fixed in this release:
LO88950: Calendar event stuck on device as a ghosted instance.
LO87689: Attendee...
08.Jun SKJIA9LFYE Fixed an issue with the updating of group documents in the directory.
02.Jun HSAOA57RH3 Fixed an issue where some mail was not being properly purged after the set time limit.
02.Jun NLUAA798CN Added error logging for the case where a group is not synchronized by the dirsync process due to being in an unsupported format.
02.Jun CQUNA9KRMT The following Traveler issues have been fixed in this release:
LO88860: Fixed a timing issue with document delivery to mobile devices.
02.Jun SMBNA9DLQM Fixed an issue where user photos from the on-premises directory were not visible in the advanced name picker.
02.Jun KGEWA9EN2S Fixed an issue with the configuration of location documents which was impacting fail-over for certain users.
18.May SLAEA9WFRB Fixed an issue that caused mail routing delays.
05.May IFAY9ZRHSD Fixed an issue where meeting invitations sent to Outlook users are not received as invitations, but as mail messages with attachments, with no...
04.May CQUNA9CNHZ n/a
27.Apr CQUNA95RUY The following Traveler issues have been fixed in this release:
LO87870 - An issue was fixed with the ghosting of calendar entries when invitees are...
27.Apr HNAKA8ZH56 Fixed a Notes web issue where users are unable to download multiple attachments at once.
27.Apr NNBNA8LJLA Fixed an issue in Notes web where files attached to messages with third party software using the default mail option, are not received by the...
20.Apr JMOYA926SD Fixed a logging issue that impacted Traveler availability.
14.Apr DGUYA8QHK5 Fixed an issue where private group expansion of a large group in Notes web was causing an HTTP crash.
14.Apr MELAA5BM2Y Fixed an issue in Notes web and Verse where the format of a reply to address might be corrupted when the original message sender name format is "xxx,...
14.Apr CQUNA8PRD9 Fixed a Traveler issue where a Folder might disappear from the mobile device after an update is made to the user's mail template.
06.Apr SLAEA89KHN Fixed a mail fail-over problem when there is a DNS look-up issue with the primary mail server.
30.Mar CQUNA89RUG The following Traveler issues have been addressed in this release:
LO88369: Instances of repeating meetings that are declined using Traveler (iOS...
30.Mar HMUHA7GFR8 Fixed an issue in Notes web calendar where the start/end times of a meeting might be incorrect when a user forwards the meeting...
25.Mar GRHEA8CHD6 Fixed a mailfile properties issue.
23.Mar EHOI9X489U Fixed an issue in Notes web and Verse calendar, where a user may get this error when trying to save a meeting with an attached table from a Word...
23.Mar RREN9WVHGQ Fixed an issue in Notes web local contacts, where a user might see a script error when trying to edit a very large group in Internet...
23.Mar TTIHA27CSY Fixed an issue in Notes web  where a blank browser window is launched and remains open when a user opens a Notes link in a mail...
23.Mar JSTNA5VTSJ Fixed an issue where a user could not create or update a meeting in Verse or Notes web, if the description content exceeded 32K in...


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