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SmartCloud Notes Fixes


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20.Nov SKAIA4FGQM Fixed a Notes web issue, when a user creates a reply with internet-Style history, the html tags "<br><br>" incorrectly display in each line of the...
18.Nov SDOYA2VJ4K Fixed an issue where the Notes web and Verse calendar may show the wrong 'Sent By' information in a meeting that was created in Verse...
18.Nov RCFE9ZRT22 Improved the error message for unplanned mail access issues, which to date has displayed as "Your SmartCloud servers are down for...
18.Nov HHSI9YA3PA Fixed an issue in Notes web messaging where a user might receive the error "Invalid Document Identifier" when replying to an email.
11.Nov RHOE9ZCKD9 Fixed a provisioning issue that may affect Sametime access.
11.Nov VSENA2PRWZ Fixed an issue in Notes web mail where if a user tries to move a document to deleted folder, an error occurs in server side, but the user is not...
11.Nov KNAA9XU67Q Fixed an issue in Notes web calendar where events marked "Private" and "Show as Busy" appear as available in the user's free/busy...
11.Nov RREN9WVHGQ Fixed an issue in Notes web local contacts, where a user might see a script error when trying to edit a very large group (ie 1000 users) in Internet...
04.Nov ADC8PJPRD Fixed an issue where a crash might occur under certain specific conditions when sending a mail message.
04.Nov IFAY9MJB2G Fixed an issue in the Notes client where if an external Microoft Outlook user accepts one instance of a repeating meeting, and the Notes chair opens...
04.Nov CSMH9M2JXL Fixed an issue where ical creates the chair name in a calendar entry with a dot or period.
04.Nov MBOAA3GK3R Fixed an issue where, after migrating to SmartCloud Notes, certain users are receiving delivery failure reports after sending email to external...
04.Nov GHEDA3FT46 Fixed an issue where an authenticated user with an authorized BSS role might receive an error in the SCNotes Admin UI of 403...
04.Nov LJAS9Y9MVZ Fixed an issue where changes to Delegation Preferences using a local replica with manager ACL rights, are not applied properly to the SCN...
04.Nov HMUHA3F4AR Fixed an issue where a new feature in the Admin UI, "Manage Mail File Access", is not translated properly for Japanese.
04.Nov CQUNA3PH84 This release includes the following Traveler fixes:
LO86807: Fixed an issue where a folder created on mobile client may not sync to other mobile...
28.Oct KNAA9ZTA22 Notes web: Fixed an issue where a new group calendar created using Internet Explorer displays initially as collapsed although "Expand all" was...
28.Oct HMUH9ZW545 Notes web: Fixed a group calendar issue where, using Firefox, the events for today's date display rather than the events for the future date that...
21.Oct EHOI9ZPCUS Fixed a directory issue where groups of type "Access Control List only" do not display in the name picker.
21.Oct CQUNA39J2J This release includes the following Traveler fixes:
LO86516 - Fixed an issue Some Mime PDF attachments were not viewable if they did not have PDF...
21.Oct PANNA26VE2 Fixed an issue where IBM Verse shows incorrect translation for Return Receipt in Spanish.
21.Oct BJGY9ZJQPJ Fixed an issue where the "Delete Older Email" function did not delete Return Receipts.
14.Oct CQUNA2SNMQ This release includes the following Traveler fixes:

LO86466: Fixed an issue where encrypted attachments caused Error 400 when viewed using the...
14.Oct HHPTA2KP3K Fixed an issue where IBM Verse users lose access to the inbox and an error is presented, "IBM Verse is being prepared for you. The browser will be...
06.Oct SLAEA2ZKFA Fixed an issue that caused delays when importing mail files for migration into service.
30.Sep SIBN9ZJCKE Fixed a problem in Notes web where the font used for printing numeric and alphabetic characters in a downloaded print preview PDF file were in italic...
30.Sep BRIS9Y2PUV Fixed an issue where mail routing of messages was being delayed by a bad message in the queue.
30.Sep JZAO8Q9RZM Fixed an issue where the Find Resources button in the Notes client could not properly display the Site and Category in the calendar Find Resources...
30.Sep EHOI9YQCU8 Fixed an issue in the where an alternate name does not display in the Notes client address dialog under "More - Open Person's Calendar.."...


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