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SmartCloud Notes Fixes


Hide details for 20142014
03.Dec TOGA9PF8FG Fixed an issue where the following help links were not accessible:

Notes web:
- What's New
- Additional Resources
- Submit feedback

03.Dec HMUH9Q58GQ Notes web: Fixed an issue where an error message was displayed when opening a specific email message with Internet Explorer 10.
03.Dec THIO8S5GF3 Notes web: Fixed an issue where responding to a message with "Reply with Internet Style History" via Firefox deletes the Line feed on Plan Text...
03.Dec HHSI9PXDRD Notes web: Fixed an issue where the width of the inbox panel was narrower than expected when resizing the window.
03.Dec LSHR9QTGJ7 Fixed an issue where the customer administrator was not able to access "Email & Calendar Options" in the SmartCloud Notes Admin.
03.Dec CQUN9QZL5J This release contains the following Traveler fixes:

LO82784: Some imported federated calendar entries may not sync to mobile device.
LO82573: Update...
03.Dec CSAO9MRDCB Notes web: Fixed an issue where the "Update My Meeting" button doesn't work as expected.
19.Nov GOTO9BTSKN Notes web: Fixed an issue where users were prompted to install a file.
19.Nov ASHH9EN5GS Notes web: Fixes an email problem where an attachment with a non-ASCII file name uploaded by "Save" action gets sent even though it was deleted from...
19.Nov LJAS9AAU8C Notes web: Fixed an issue where an unsupported option to recall read messages was displayed. This option has been removed.
19.Nov SANR953QNG Notes web: Fixed an issue where delegatee is unable to see who delegated a meeting invitation.
19.Nov KNAA9FTDUN Notes web: Fixed an issue where users could not change font size and color of content pasted into a message from a Microsoft PowerPoint...
19.Nov KNAA9HZBHY Notes web: Provide better detection and warning when partial email addresses are input in addressing fields.
19.Nov ASAO9NZ3WJ Notes web: Fixed an issue where fields in the Mail Rules dialog were not sized properly to display multiple rows of text.
19.Nov TOGA9LK7PY Notes web: Updated the description of calendar delegation options for "Read and create any document, delete any document they created" to include...
19.Nov TTIH9NJA5Q Notes web: Improved the warning message when deleting documents from the trash.
19.Nov KNAA9KDFTZ Notes web: Fixed an issue where if a double byte character and comma are included in the address field of a message, address was not displayed...
19.Nov KNAA9GYE3J Notes web: Fixed an issue where selecting a large quantity of messages in mail via Ctrl-A resulted in an error.
19.Nov TSHI9N82HH Notes web: Fixed an issue with inconsistent search results in name picker when displaying detail on specific entries.
19.Nov VSEN9L7STX Notes web: Fixed an issue where the current user's address is being removed from "Reply To All" when doing a subsequent "Reply to All" on a prior...
19.Nov SDOY9LDGMV Notes web: Fixed an issue where import of contacts via an IBM Notes client- generated CSV file using the Spanish template results in import of last...
19.Nov YHAI9MKFAF Notes web: Fixed an issue wehre the repeating meeting setting to a single meeting entry saved as draft did not work as expected.
19.Nov HMUH9NRCAY Notes web: Fixed an issue where a GIF image did not appear in a received message when a sender used drag & drop a GIF image using...
19.Nov GKLA9P2TRV Notes web: Fixed an issue where forwarding an imported appointment displays the incorrect time.
19.Nov TTIH9LT8CZ Notes web: Fixed an issue where results are cleared and focus shifts to the inbox when removing keywords in the search box.
19.Nov RHOE9F7MLT Notes web: Fixed an issue where specific MIME messages were not displayed as expected in IE9.
19.Nov IISA9F3CDL Notes web: Fixed an intermittent issue where quickly switching between multiple tabs results in an error.
19.Nov KNAA9N7BZW Notes web: Provide a better error message when attempting to open a mailfile for an on-premises user if admin did not set a "Passthru" server for...
19.Nov RCDX9HCPJK Notes web: Fixed an issue where users in Ultra-Light Mode can delete Trash when "Allow users to empty the Trash folder" setting is...


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