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SmartCloud Notes Fixes


Hide details for 20172017
10.Aug RMAAAHFKS3 Login Error To Apps: "The User Id or password you entered may be incorrect".
10.Aug CQUNAPKPKZ LO92713 Request load balanced from older server gets rejected for non-specific device ID.
31.Jul YMAAANADC7 Alternate Name In "To" Field Changes Into Primary Name On Name Finder.
31.Jul NNBNALML35 Certain users are unable to send emails from SCN WebMail as Plain Text.
27.Jul SLODAN59R7 Email containing links with spaces in the URL not working in Verse web client
27.Jul CQUNAP5PAM LO92638 Invitee may added twice to event created from mobile device
27.Jul SOKEAP6FEX p7s attachments should not be blocked as part of Attachment/Executable filter
18.Jul TTIHAKX2MZ Chair became unable to send invitation of meeting to internet
address when using Type-ahead
17.Jul KSOAANQ3UM The following issues are fixed in Verse:
- Group name lookup not working
- Recipient type-ahead issue on Verse
- Attachment location appears inline...
17.Jul RRENAJVLNL Pdf Viewer In Verse Has Issue Displaying Specific Font
13.Jul SOKEAHZSKR LiveAdmin should prevent creation of Domains with length > 32 characters
13.Jul CQUNANPPK8 The following Traveler issues have been fixed in this release:
- LO92524: Large Calendar Event causing longer total sync times
- LO92525: Reply...
15.Jun TOGAA92BUN Fixed an Admin issue with invalid certifiers.
15.Jun MSAIAMQBLN Fixed an Admin issue with user data cleanup.
08.Jun SOKEAEFRFJ Fixed an issue where some users found they were unable to send mail exceeding a certain size.
05.Jun KSOAAMLN6E The following IBM Verse issues were fixed in this release:
272879 Attachment location now appears inline within the body of the message and below the...
01.Jun WBJZAKE7HV Fixed a problem with search indexes in IBM Verse.
01.Jun TOGAAF4DVB Fixed an issue with folders across mail replicas.
01.Jun CSAAAMLH7K Fixed an issue with a SmartHost configuration that was causing mail delivery failures.
01.Jun BSTSAMHLHT Fixed a provisioning issue with database import over FTP.
25.May CQUNAMDMRY The following Traveler issue was fixed in this release:
- LO92257 Fixed an issue with repeating calendar events, where in the event that a meeting...
22.May VMAAALMKPL Fixed a configuration problem that occurred with certain existing hub and dirsync passthru server connection docs
19.May PANNAMAJ67 Fixed an issue where searching for New Meeting resources in the Notes client returned empty results.
19.May BJGYAL6GY5 Fixed an intermittent Admin issue where some customers would receive an incorrect error that a user with a bad password was not in the ID Vault,...
19.May CQUNAM6MQH The following Traveler issues have been fixed in this release:
LO92209 Fixed an issue where meeting room information was lost after an update from...
16.May MOBNAM7M9E n/a
16.May GHEDAM8KWP Fixed an issue where some customers were unable to initiate directory synchronization if the server configuration changed after their account was...
11.May CQUNALXJ2J Fixed an issue where users were unable to turn off the iOS Verse Apple Password in SmartCloud Notes
08.May KSOAALKNP6 Fixed an issue where cancelling a meeting in IBM Verse does not release the reserved meeting room.


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