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SmartCloud Notes Fixes


Hide details for 20172017
09.Feb JSTNAHHP8T Fixed a password issue when an administrator is attempting to rename users.
09.Feb CQUNAHFSFP The following Traveler issues have been resolved in this release:
LO91141: Fixed an issue where calendar updates from Verse mobile on IOS show...
31.Jan CQUNAGNNH7 The following Traveler issue has been fixed in this release:
LO90987 Location value was lost for some repeating meeting instances on change from...
18.Jan KSOAAHPHW2 The following IBM Verse issues have been fixed in this release:
Unable to paste images using Firefox 50.0
Text under the signature disappear in a...
13.Jan VTMHAH8Q8P Fixed a problem in Notes web where the preference for OS timezone was not calculated correctly.
13.Jan MSAIAEQERB Fixed a problem in Notes web where the body of certain messages under a border was not printing properly.
13.Jan TOGAAGE2NV Fixed a problem in Notes web where the history section of a reply was not displaying correctly.
13.Jan SHIHAHJSM3 Fixed an issue in Notes web where ultra-light mode was not loading properly in mobile device browsers.
11.Jan KSOAAH9K57
Hide details for 20162016
08.Dec JSMNAD4LHH Fixed an issue where MIME invites sent to gmail from Notes client are not formatted correctly.
01.Dec TSHIADC4NY Fixed a problem in Notes web where a user was unable to download an attachment named "names.nsf."
01.Dec SLAEAFQ2EA Fixed a search issue in LiveAdmin.
01.Dec SWASAFNLF9 Fixed a problem with mail files over quota due to the file header bytes being incorrect.
29.Nov KSOAAG5KE5 Fixed an issue with Polish language characters in Verse.
16.Nov KSOAAFKJM3 The following IBM Verse issues are fixed in this release:
252190: Incorrect Japanese phrase displays with show unread messages.
254790: Cursor not...
16.Nov JSTNA3GTAW Fixed an issue where users could not access SmartCloud Notes web Ultra-light mode from a mobile device in Mexico.
16.Nov RRENAC8J3W Fixed a Notes web issue where an error was seen by one user when mail was sent with a signature in IE.
16.Nov XBXBADHBJH Fixed an issue where comment contents in Lotus Notes Contacts don't display in Mail Contacts in SmartCloud Verse
16.Nov TOGAADBAJP Fixed dialog display issues in the ambiguous names dialog in SmartCloud Notes web.
03.Nov CQUNAF32NQ convert toString from UTF-8.
LO90443 iOS 10 Device Wipe no longer supported.
LO90578 Improve private subfolder processing.
LO90597 Maintain Resource...
03.Nov PHEYAEULG3 Fixed an issue with provisioning.
02.Nov TTIHADCE7X SPR# TTIHADCE7X - Fixed a SmartCloud Notes web issue where users were unable to forward certain invitations.
05.Oct YGAOAB8FXS Fixed a problem with mail retention duration setting.
05.Oct CQUNADEFUK The following Traveler issues have been fixed in this release:

LO89471: Invitee status user names are case sensitive.
LO89745: Traveler goes in to...
05.Oct XWAGADJMVJ Fixed a memory contention issue when memcached response time increases.
20.Sep XNTCADK4VX Notes web: Fixed an issue with Chrome 53
12.Sep SVEM9YEM5M Fixed a directory issue.
08.Sep DAZA9L9HR5 Fixed an issue which was causing a crash.


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