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SmartCloud Notes Fixes


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04.Mar PHEY9TVKTJ Fixed an issue that prevented successful provisioning of new users.
04.Mar TOGA9S5BV8 Notes web: Fixed an issue where deleted rules were not entirely deleted.
04.Mar RCDX9U2QUC Fixed an issue with directory synchronization.
04.Mar JSMN9TWMAS Fixed an issue where Notes clients would experience the error "Server Not Responding."
26.Feb CQUN9TS4W8 This release contains the following Traveler server fixes. It will not prompt for a client update.

LO83801 - IBM Traveler should not allow creating...
26.Feb LJAS9T7UTV Fixed a specific issue that could prevent synchronizing the person document for a web user.
26.Feb KNAA9QX4LX Notes web: Fixed an issue where the right-click menu for doclinks was missing the "Open the link" option in IE.
26.Feb TOGA9RW4KR Notes web: Fixed an issue where inserting images into calendar entries caused "Illegal Arguments Exception" and "Invalid or nonexistent...
23.Feb KNAA9S44AC Notes web: Fixed an issue where users could not input characters in the "Search" function for mail rules based upon the "Sender contains"...
23.Feb SDOY9PHHCM Notes web: Fixed an issue where printing to a secure printer from Chrome or Firefox fails.
23.Feb HHSI9S6DUL Notes web: Fixed an issue where an email address is dropped from cc when choosing to "Reply to All" from a specific email.
23.Feb TTIH9RF5UF Notes web: Fixed an issue where a mail rule specifying an AND condition for "to" and "cc" field content was applied when only the "cc" content...
23.Feb MARI9QK3LJ Notes web: Improved the warning message when a user attempts to create more than 100 mail rules.
23.Feb CQUN9TKK3P This release contains the following Traveler fixes:

LO83445 Error on Companion when sending an encrypted message to both S/MIME and Notes...
23.Feb HMUH9QCC6E Fixed an issue where an email address cannot be found in the company directory as expected.
17.Feb DANO9TTSKR Fixed a provisioning issue that caused migration jobs to be incorrectly cancelled.
16.Feb PMIA9TSHZT Fixed an issue that prevented replication on local mailfiles.
15.Feb GHED9TRCEA Fixed an issue that prevented newly-provisioned users from accessing mail via the IBM Notes client.
12.Feb SWAS9QTKZH Fixed an issue that caused a hang for IMAP users.
09.Feb MOBN9LKPR2 Prevent the replication of blank mailfile and mailserver locations from on premises directories.
09.Feb JIMN9JMJLZ Notes web: Improved return of search results.
28.Jan CQUN9ST4QS This release contains the following fixes for the Traveler Android client. These changes will prompt for a client update.

External Fixes

28.Jan MVEO9SJTBE Fixed a specific issue where the mail server field set for an individual was incorrect.
28.Jan HHSI9NJ5D5 Notes web: Fixed an issue where duplicate group names in different domains do not show up in search results as expected.
28.Jan LNEN9RXJQ3 Fixed an issue where migrated SmartCloud Notes users are receiving unexpected early certificate expiration warnings.
21.Jan BJGY9RUQ2F Traveler: Fixed an issue that prevented users from downloading the Android installation package.
21.Jan TTIH9S22UY Notes web: Fixed an issue that prevented specific mail documents from opening successfully: "A problem has occurred which may have caused the...
21.Jan LNGN9QTLCP Fixed an issue that prevented Mail-in databases from syncing into the service as expected.
21.Jan SDOY9R9LXQ Notes web: Fixed an error that displayed before printing documents when using Chrome 39: "Error: Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a...


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