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SmartCloud Notes Fixes


Hide details for 20142014
23.Apr MARI9H79MS Notes web: Fixed an issue where new invitations created via Group Calendar do not display the Subject and Location information expected. In addition,...
23.Apr JBUD9HUR8K Fixed an issue when sending mail to an external SMTP relay.
23.Apr IFAY9H6BYU Notes web: Fixed an issue where contents copied from an from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and pasted into a new mail message would result in...
17.Apr TOGA9GR5UR Notes web: Fixed an issue where previewing a message in the draft view while it's open and being edited results in the message being sent with the...
17.Apr MHAN9HEKVL Fixed a specific issue that could cause a Dirsync server crash when syncing in a customer Name and Address Book.
17.Apr KMOA9HDAZL Notes web: Fixed an issue where forwarding a or replying to a mail with attachments, and then closing the form would cause the draft to move to the...
17.Apr TOGA9GXFQE Notes web: Fixed an intermittent issue where the body of a draft mail message would disappear during editing.
17.Apr IISA9GUBTJ Notes web: Fixed an issue where opening a calendar reschedule notice after the parent invitation has been deleted results in an error: "You cannot...
17.Apr KNAA9H39KQ Notes web: Fixed an issue where some instances of repeating all day events set to skip weekends are not created on the day expected.
17.Apr PRAD9HLQ5V Fixed a specific issue that could cause the Revoke User operation to fail.
17.Apr PMIA9HAR3Y Add support for "Default Group" access for mail files.
17.Apr DCOY9HXSJA Fixed an issue where the English template for Notes 9.0.1 was not included when the other languages were posted.
17.Apr JDMH9HRKVX This release contains the following Traveler fixes. These do not require a client device-side update.

Public Fix List

LO79507 After user reset...
16.Apr SLAE9J3NDD Fixed an issue where the English template for Notes 9.0.1 was not included when the other languages were posted.
09.Apr TPON9GVB3S Fixed an issue where mail being sent within the same company via SmartCloud Notes was being routed via the on-premises mail hub.
09.Apr MHAN9GXKVK Improved reliability of the Administrator password reset capability.
09.Apr JPAI9B4HAM Fixed an issue that impacted timely processing of messages via mail retention.
09.Apr MHAN9GERAE Fixed an issue that caused ID uploads to fail.
26.Mar HPXG9A455B Notes web: Fixed an issue with Safari 7 on Mac 10.9 where you cannot display all attachments in a message with more than four attachments when...
26.Mar KBUN9GBJGU Updated the template repository to include the IBM Notes 9.0.1 standard templates.
26.Mar TDAS9FYKHE Enable support for IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP1 clients.
26.Mar DGUY9GJNT5 Notes web: Fixed an issue where the phonetic name was not displayed for all users as expected.
26.Mar MOBN9GQSWV Notes web: Fixed an issue where resource categories are duplicated when using the "Find Resources" dialog to browse.
26.Mar LSHR9FZKXA Notes web: IE 10 and IE11: Fixed an issue where calendar event alarm dialogs appear as blank pop-ups if integrated Sametime is enabled....
26.Mar RCEA9EHA74 Notes web: Fixed an issue where scrollbars are missing when viewing or previewing messages with specific content.
26.Mar MHAN9FKNPR Notes web: Fixed an issue where some Ultralight users were using the server's settings when determining timezone information.
26.Mar CQUN9H5KRU Several Traveler Maintenance fixes are included in this release. This will not require a update to Traveler client software.

LO78692 Maintain Notes...
26.Mar RCDX9GUNFT Notes web: Fixed an issue where accessing Mail Preferences fails with a message "A Problem has occurred which may have caused the current operation...
26.Mar PMIA9GWSAP Fixed an issue with new user creation for hosted-only customers.


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