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SmartCloud Notes Fixes


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17.Feb MWANA4ZPHX Fixed an issue in the Notes web calendar, where there might be a delay when "Find Resources" is clicked.
17.Feb CQUNA6XR2Q The following Traveler issues have been fixed in this release:
LO87667: Fixed an issue where Traveler ghost documents were not being marked as...
17.Feb MLATA656DQ Fixed an issue in Notes web where, when used in a portlet, the focus of the page is incorrect and the user might need to scroll down the page to see...
17.Feb SOKEA6YGZW Fixed a migration issue with this error: NotesException: Invalid date specification.
10.Feb DPBE8RGJNN Fixed an issue where a user might not be able to access their mail file due to an error, "File is in use by another program."
10.Feb SOKEA6CMAV Fixed an issue where in some cases, provisioning events might not replicate correctly and could be set to an incorrect status.
10.Feb TTIHA47B8V Fixed an issue in Notes web where there might be multiple values returned for 'Room' during a free/busy lookup, resulting in a Javascript...
10.Feb CQUNA6QPZ3 The following Traveler fixes are included in this release:
LO87835: Fixed a Traveler issue where the iOS9 native Calendar app might warn of an...
03.Feb RCFEA3ZPL6 Fixed an issue where changes to the on-premises LLNServers Group were not updated properly in SmartCloud Notes during...
03.Feb BJGY9YPR5N Fixed an issue where a subset of users had access on their mail database set to no internet access, which allowed Notes Client access to mail but...
03.Feb KKWEA6ANQX Fixed an issue where running the SCN Admin rename report fails with the following error, "An error occurred while updating some of the pages...
03.Feb CQUNA6HQDF Fixed the following Traveler issue in this release:
LO87777: Fixed a Traveler issue where event info updates might not show on an existing ghosted...
27.Jan FBAIA4U5H7 Fixed an issue where the From field might appear to be corrupted due to an incorrect character set.
27.Jan SOKEA5VNGF Fixed a provisioning issue.
27.Jan RSSNA6AQ8K The following Traveler fixes have been included in this release:
LO87623: Fixed a potential issue with Traveler user device...
27.Jan JFIYA3CJEC Fixed an issue in Verse where a user might be unable to forward a calendar invite when "Spell check before sending" option is...
20.Jan LCAY9Y3DEV Fixed an issue where a Group synched from on-premises might not work correctly if there is a blank value for one of the group...
20.Jan RCFE9ZRT22 Improved the error message for unplanned mail access issues, which to date has displayed as "Your SmartCloud servers are down for...
20.Jan SVEM9SLCL7 Fixed a mail access issue.
20.Jan CQUNA644TV The following Traveler fixes have been included in this release:
LO87602: Fixed an issue where forwarding an event from a BlackBerry device sets the...
14.Jan JBUDA57RSP Fixed an issue where non-delivery reports might not be routed correctly to the recipient.
14.Jan JGUOA4DRE3 Fixed an issue where there was a possible delay in the timing of SmartCloud Notes specific policies being pulled down to a Notes client after the...
14.Jan NVENA54239 Fixed a provisioning issue.
14.Jan DDUYA4YNJF Fixed an issue where the sync of a group from on-premises might lead to a corrupted group in SmartCloud Notes if that group has the same name as the...
14.Jan HMUH9TSAVM Fixed an issue where the Search Directory result of SmartCloud Notes web may be incorrect or incomplete when a user enters a keyword in "To"...
14.Jan CQUNA5UPVR Fixed the following IBM Traveler issues:
LO87309: Fixed an issue where the iOS native Calendar application does not display event update, and the...
14.Jan DVDI9XREX7 Fixed a mail access issue.
14.Jan PMIAA53T9A Fixed an issue where the user might see a "No details available" message for certain Calendar entries, when the details should be...
14.Jan RRENA54KS6 Fixed an issue in SmartCloud Notes web where folders might not display properly.


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