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SmartCloud Notes Fixes


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27.May SQZO7XP9GP Notes web: Fixed an issue where, in a table within a mail message, it was not possible to merge cells in a column.
27.May PANN9VVF57 Notes web: Fixed a navigation issue moving between and opening consecutive calendar entries using Chome when zoom was set to certain values, in...
27.May YGAO9VNL8U Notes Web: Fixed an issue where some right-click menus displayed slowly using IE.
27.May CQUN9WMHH3 SPR# CQUN9WMHH3 -This release includes the following Traveler fixes:

LO84334: Decline notice back to Outlook client was not correct.
20.May HMUH9UHADD Notes web: Fixed an issue where fields in a new mail rule could not be edited manually after choosing Cancel in the "Select Addresses"...
20.May CQUN9WEJLC This release includes the following Traveler fixes:

LO84939 - Active Sync device may initially get an error trying to delete an e-mail when Trash...
20.May MHAN9U9U6R Fixed a provisioning issue.
13.May CQUN9W7MND This release includes the following Traveler fixes:

LO84845 - Large mime email bodies with extended ASCII characters may not display correctly on...
06.May TPON9VHHDP Notes web: Fixed an issue where Junk Mail Reports did not include the sender for messages that were moved to Junk by a Mail Rule.
06.May IFAY9UYFUS Notes web: Fixed an issue where a meeting invitation that was forwarded from the Inbox did not display start and end times.
06.May RHOE9V6ELB Notes web: Fixed an issue where the date in forwarded Return Receipts showed as GMT rather than the user's time zone.
06.May CQUN9VYK72 This release includes the following Traveler fixes:

LO84747 - Some Mime Audio/Wav files are not getting synched to the mobile device...
29.Apr SOKE9VRKRA Fixed a directory synchronization issue.
29.Apr PHEY9VLCRK Fixed a provisioning issue.
29.Apr MARI9SX59R Improved response time of mail file maintenance.
23.Apr SRAO9VNUY7 Fixed an issue accessing delegated/shared mail files.
22.Apr CQUN9VRMDU This release includes the following Traveler fixes:

LO84641 - Push not working with Android due to incorrect case for policy setting.
LO84684 -...
21.Apr CQUN9VEQWE This release includes the following Traveler fixes:

LO84410 - Notice reply does not have correct language prefix.
LO84555 - HTTP 503 message may be...
21.Apr JALS98LNST Fixed an issue where the file names could be switched for attached .PDF files when a message is sent over SMTP.
21.Apr DVDI9UXBLX Fixed an issue that caused an unexpected server restart.
21.Apr ADEE9UZK2F Improved the error message that displays during liveConfig setup if a user's account is locked and therefore the mail file cannot be...
21.Apr MLEY9UYJ4Z Notes Web: Fixed an issue where the calendar summary view was slow to open.
21.Apr SIBN9USCQT Notes web: Fixed an issue where the Mail menu bar changed to Japanese when set to display in English.
21.Apr TTIH9TNEPY Notes web: Improved the user experience when searching for a member of a large group using IE.
15.Apr SWAS8F338N Addressed an issue that could impact server performance.
15.Apr KNAA9UG3TS Notes web: Fixed an issue where downloaded *.gz files could not be opened in FireFox or Chrome.
15.Apr TTIH9UZATG Modified the Domino Administrator UI to stop displaying the name of the physical Domino server for each MailBox.
15.Apr MLEY9LNMWZ Notes web: Fixed an issue where a Posteddate could differ between the sent and received copy of a message.
09.Apr MLEY9TMGPF Notes web: Fixed an issue with slow scrolling using the navigation arrows in the One Week/One Work week calendar views


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